Confessions While Troy Has Been Gone

Ok, so what do I have to confess after my hubby’s been gone for two weeks? Here goes.

1. The kids and I did not eat so healthy. We were on the road a lot and we actually ate McDonalds one night at like 10 pm. Those of you who know me know how desperate for food we must have been. It is really hard to admit that! Ugh!

2. I thought I would be safe not having to do laundry while Troy was gone. Alas, I was wrong. I had counted out two weeks of undies for me because really if you have those you can really wear the other stuff again and again but you must have new undies each day. So me being me, counted them out and made sure that I was good for two weeks. I was. Problem was that I forgot to count out 2 weeks worth of undies for my kids so I had to do the laundry! I washed it all on cold and threw it all in there together. Yep, thats called emergency washing which incidentally is the only kind I do.

3. People have asked me if I miss Troy and I do but it has been very interesting. The kids and I have been so incredibly busy that I have not had time to even reflect and pay attention to how much I do miss him. We have really not slowed down since he has been gone and thankfully today he will be home so we don’t even have to miss him much longer.

4. My home life has been fairly easy. I have not had to cook four course meals for the family because the kids are happy with spaghetti-o’s (organic of course). Troy has a much more sophisticated pallet. Last night we had a vege plate for dinner since we ate Micky’s the night before. We feel less guilty now. Funny thing was the kids were freaking out when I pulled into Mickey’s. They can count on one had the number of times they have been there.

5. I have had lots of cuddle time with the kiddies. They have been so sweet to me and loving on me all the time. Colby asked me today if he could rub my shoulders. Humm, did he notice something??? Mom needs to relax a bit? The girls are all in my lap as I type this. Cute and sweet. They have also been so helpful in the kitchen too. I am really loving teaching them to cook and to be well rounded little girls. Cassidy, my 7 year old, made me scrambled eggs and turkey bacon one morning for breakfast. Humm, maybe she will be cooking Troy’s four course meals soon!

6. Work life has been double with Troy being gone and the fact that our kids kamp is getting ready to start helps to magnify that for me. So I have been full blast on that. Oh ya and two of my children have a birthday this week too. I have had to plan lots of things lately! Whew!

7. Next time Troy goes on a trip he is not allowed to take our assistant with him. I think I should get to keep her. 🙂 I mean who is going to help keep me straight if she is gone? Yep, that is what I decided!

8. I have a great church family. So many people have emailed or called to see how they could help me and the kiddos. We have been good but just to know that so many people care is such a great feeling. I have felt so blessed by that!

9. Church has not skipped a beat. I watched for two weeks as things went on without a hitch. It is so good to know that Troy can be gone and there is such a great team in place that stepped up to the plate and made sure things were done with excellence. Everyone from our pastoral staff, the worship team, the set up team, and the rest of the church really did show strong. I felt so blessed and so proud to see everyone operating with such class. You all did so great!

10. One night while Troy was gone a bunch of the worship team came over. I looked online for some clothes for them because they know I know how to find the good deals and lets face it, they are so cutting edge in how they look, I was happy to oblige. So they asked me to see what deals I could find for them. You know I found some cool stuff but did not know what sizes they were in certain brands. So….we fixed the problem! They went upstairs, raided Troy’s closet and found out they wear the same size as he does! How funny is that, they fit. Humm, I think his clothes were still there when they left but they did say if anything was missing they would get it back before he returns! 🙂


~ by pennymaxwell on July 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “Confessions While Troy Has Been Gone”

  1. Wow! Sounds like you have had an interesting two weeks. Is that a WHOLE new appreciation for single moms? LOL!!!

  2. so what you are saying is that you didn’t miss me….waaaaa!

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