Ouch! Did That Hurt You?

“If your offering means nothing to you, why do we expect it would mean anything to God.”

I read this quote today and it struck a chord with me. When we give of our finances does it hurt or do we give what is comfortable? Some people I have encountered over the years struggle with giving 10% of their income. That is what the Bible calls the tithe (or the first tenth). I never really understood that because that was just what I always thought of as basic Christianity or Christianity 101. Truly, I really have never gotten that. I mean money is what this world uses to run things. Do we want the gospel spread or what?

What I have noticed as a continual pattern though is that people who have a generous heart do so not just with finances but they are generous with their entire lives. They give of their time, their talent and their treasure.

What the above quote made me think of today is that when I give from a place of sacrifice, it gets God’s attention. God is not so much interested in an amount as He is in the heart behind it all. The widow woman who gave her two mites gave all she had even though it was much less than some of the wealthy people who came into the temple that day. She sacrificed so much that it hurt, it was painful, it cost her something. The others were giving out of their overflow. God himself, in the form of Jesus, was moved by what the widow gave. God himself, the Creator of the Universe, was moved by sacrifice!

Is God moved by your giving?


~ by pennymaxwell on July 10, 2008.

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