What Is Your Favorite?

What book of the Bible is your favorite book? And why?

I personally love Proverbs and James. I know I said only one book but those are both books on wisdom. One of them just happens to be in the Old Testament and one in the New Testament but they are both about getting wisdom. If I could pick a second favorite (or third as it might appear) I would pick Timothy because he is a young pastor getting instruction on how to run a successful church. He dealt with many of the same things that Troy and I deal with so it is great to read and gain perspective from Timothy.

Ok so what is yours and don’t forget to tell why!


~ by pennymaxwell on July 7, 2008.

One Response to “What Is Your Favorite?”

  1. James and Proverbs are two of my favorite books too! I really like how James says what needs to be said without sugar-coating anything. I can’t pick just one, so my favorite Old Testament book is Ecclesiastes and my favorite New Testament book is 1 Corinthians. I love Ecclesiastes because it speaks so much about life and how to be happy. I love the theme of being content with where you’re at and how if you look to worldly fulfillment, you will never be satisfied. It’s such a great reminder to stay focused on Jesus and the moment you’re in instead of looking to the future or past. I love, LOVE 1 Corinthians for so many reasons. Paul’s words are SO good and I find it so uplifting to read. One of my absolute favorite passages in the whole Bible is in chapter eight where he’s talking about thinking of others and using our freedom so that we don’t cause other people to sin. He talks a lot about unity between believers and how the church should look which is as relevant for the church today as it was then. I love how encouraging and passionate Paul is and his sincere care and love for people is really inspiring.

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