Bosses and Ministry Leaders, Listen Up!

If you are a boss or a ministry leader and you don’t get this down, you will stall out and never reach your potential as a business, church, organization, or ministry. Check out this blog by another successful ministry. I wholeheartedly agree with the information you are about to read. And just for those of you who have a high gifting in mercy, this IS love in action.

When you have an underperformer and you have tried to develop them but can’t, you’ll want to make a change.

Here are ten lessons I’ve learned:

  1. The right person in the wrong spot becomes the wrong person unless I do something about it.
  2. If you’re always trying to develop someone’s weakness, you probably have the wrong person.
  3. Keeping the wrong person to protect his feelings is unfair to you and to your team member.
  4. If God has shown you that a team member is not the right fit, you’re cheating the person by not removing him.
  5. You can’t have the right person in a role when the wrong person is filling it.
  6. The longer you wait to remove a wrong person, the harder it is for everyone.
  7. If you’re about to remove a person, they should already have a pretty good sense that things aren’t working out. If they don’t, you probably haven’t been fair in your communication to them.
  8. Honor the person you have removed even if they don’t honor you.
  9. Seek God, make a decision, and don’t waffle on it.
  10. If you aren’t faithful to do what God shows you to do, He isn’t likely to trust you with more.


~ by pennymaxwell on July 6, 2008.

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