Fail Proof, Continued

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog entitled Fail Proof. In that blog I asked people to speak of their dreams and heart’s ambitions as if doing them were a guaranteed success. The point was to get people to see what it is their heart was really saying if you take fear out of the equation. The reason I did that is because I think so many times we let fear grip and paralyze us, making us shrink back from doing anything that involves risk. So I wanted to momentarily get all of us to think about what it could look like if we decided to go for our dreams despite any apprehensions or fears. You guys said some pretty amazing things.

I also told you guys that I would let you know what dreams God has placed in me. Well first and foremost is to do exactly what I am doing right now. I love serving Freedom House in the capacity that I do and I love doing it alongside the man of my dreams. That is pretty cool to me. It certainly did involve risk to pick up a family of five and move them to an unknown city with lots of uncertainly but really, when you hear God’s voice to go and do something, I think I would be more afraid to have stayed still. If uncertainty is not involved then faith is not in play. You don’t need faith when you know the outcome. Faith is for the unknowns in life when you choose to trust despite any uncertainty because you know God is bigger than anything that could go wrong.

Some other aspects to my dreams are to travel, speak and to write books. I have been working (very slowly I might add) on a book for a while now. It is still in infancy but I love the content. It is called “Setting Broken Bones”, it is about how if you do not heal properly (like broken bones) God will have to come in and re-break you and set you to heal properly. Just like a bone that has healed improperly, you can also see the fruit from an inner life that has healed a little crooked. Sad to say, many of us have healed our inner wounds improperly and it becomes evident by things we have held onto that we should have let go of. My heart is to see people healed from the inside out and begin to straighten out their crookedness.

I am going to focus on the last half more as my children get older. My other dreams are to be a great mom and a great wife. So those are what trump the other roles that I play BUT my kids and my husband are not things for me to hide behind. I believe you can do ministry and be a great parent/wife too. My family is a source of encouragement for me not a barricade to hide my fear behind. I love the fact that they support me and encourage me to be my best.

What’s holding you back from your dreams? Do you even know what your dreams are?


~ by pennymaxwell on July 5, 2008.

7 Responses to “Fail Proof, Continued”

  1. Love the theory of the book! I can’t wait to read it!!!

  2. I too love the theory and the great title. I think today’s sermon on shame would make a nice attribute to the book. Although we all stive to be the perfect parent there are still times when we need a little more for ourselves. I think working on the book is a great way to add that piece to your life. My dream was always to teach. Six years ago I took a leap of faith and went back to school to puersue my teaching career. I’ve been teaching for three years. It’s the hardest, most frustrating yet most rewarding job I’ve ever had. My daughter graduated from high school this past June. I think the best thing I did for her was to model the act of following your dreams.

  3. I know what my dreams are and some of them I can’t do until God says its time. Other than that, whats holding me back from my dreams? Fear, finances, discouragement, lack of confidence or hope. I am pushing towards knocking these out of my way.

  4. Cheryl, do you come to Freedom House Church? Where do you teach school? Brit, you keep pushing on, girl. I have no doubt you will accomplish what God has for you. Way to go on waiting for God’s timing. I have found it is usually very different than my own! 🙂

  5. God, too plucked us out of Virginia and move us to Charlotte, where I had only visited once, to start a business that I knew nothing about. It has been a great journey, that has been challenging but definitely where we are supposed to be. I have had serveral dreams in my life that may not seem like dreams to others but I feel that God has set them out for me. Before I had children, I taught in both inner city and rural schools. I loved it and loved the kids, but there were some children that I couldn’t as easily connect with due to a language barrier. I have always felt a desire to become fluent in Spanish, so that I can be more effective in serving others. I started some classes and got really sick. Then I decided I would try the cd format and was too distracted or busy to follow through. Instead of saying opposition in confirmation that I am on the right track, I became discouraged and gave up. My second dream was to start a prayer ministry for couples trying to conceive, pregnant women,pregnant women with complications and those who have lost pregnancies. I have a true heart for this emotional time in the lives of women and men. I was extremely fortunate to have a group prayer warriors praying over my three complicated pregnancies. Before I moved to Charlotte, I had started the infancy stage of this program, but it never came the fruition. This is a wake up call for me.

  6. Your book sounds awesome! I can’t wait to read it when it’s all finished. One of my dreams is to finish the books I’ve been working on too. Someday I will. 🙂 One of my other dreams is to be involved in worship in some capacity and possibly even lead it some day? I’m not sure about that one, but I think if God’s given me the desire and He wants me to do it, it’ll work out. I think the things that hold me back are fear and in regards to writing, self-criticism and perfectionism. Nothing I ever write is perfect enough and I’m never 100% happy with the “finished” project. I’m trying to grow though, and push through those issues so they don’t hold me back anymore. I think writing and creativity are some of the gifts God’s given me and I don’t want my own doubts and fears to keep me from using them.

  7. Wow Lisa, I know ladies who fall into those categories who could really use someone like you to help them to walk through such a difficult time. I had a lady just this Sunday who cam to me after a doctor’s report saying that she is unable to have kids. I told her that it was a doctors report but that we serve a God who has a better report. You have no idea how many women would be benefited from what is on your heart. Humm, I am really thinking……

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