The Aftermath

How are we doing in the aftermath of losing our beloved family pet, Giorgie? I still get this question often so I decided I would just update everyone on where we are.

We still have Giorgie’s doggie bowls sitting out. It is just hard for us to put them away. We have finally put away his bed. Colby actually put it under his bed. We still have pictures of him around the house and our hearts have healed. We still miss him very much but we are no longer in a painful state. I was a bit concerned about Colby because he was with Giorgie the longest simply because he is my oldest child but Colby is doing well now. The girls are doing fine as well.

We still do things out of habit. I was in a hurry last week and threw my clothes on the floor as I was chaning into another outfit and then I quickly picked them up so Giorgie would not lay on them. It dawned on me that he would not be laying on them ever again. Colby asked me who was watching Girogie while we were in Atlanta speaking at our home church a few weeks ago. He realized what he had said after he said it and he ended his questions with a “never mind”. I think those sorts of things are still a tad painful but other than that we seem to do pretty well.

We will always miss Girogie, he was just that kind of dog. Actually writing this blog hurts a bit but it is not a totally bad hurt. It is an “I miss you” sort of hurt.

For those of you who do not have close family pets I am sure you don’t get this sort of thing and that is ok. But when you are close with a pet it really is like a member of your family passed. He was with us for a very long time.

Thanks for still asking bout us. We so appreciate your love and concern. It is feels good to be thought of and loved like you guys love our family. We love you back!

P.S. Above are pics of what Girogie looked like both as a puppy and as an old friend.


~ by pennymaxwell on June 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Aftermath”

  1. Penny, I can only Imagine what it is like. We had to put down our kitten earlier this year. I was so sudden she started getting sick one day and we waited to see if she just ate something. I took her to the vet 2 days later and they said she was in a lot of pain and it would be best to put her down. i was devasted and we only had her a couple months. I still think back about her with joy and sadness. I also am troubled by the fact i was selfish and wasn’t with her when they put her to sleep. I will never do that again ever no matter how painful. I still have 2 dogs and 2 cats and often get sick thinking of losing them one day. I often say that I prefer animals to humans because they love unconditionally (as you read in Dog is My Co Pilot). I wish you the best.

  2. Thanks Mark. Most people who love pets get it but some people are not pet lovers and don’t get it and that is ok. I know you know exactly how we feel.
    Colby would not leave the room with Giorgie. I could not take it at all but Colby said, “he needs me now more than ever”. I was not strong either, Mark. Colby was strong for me when I could not be.

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