Is It Just Me?

Ok ,I am loving the stage that my kids are in right now. They all sleep through the night. They all wipe their own noses and hineys. They don’t fall down the steps when I am not looking. Those are all good things.They are getting pretty self sufficient now. It is truly a fun stage. But one thing we still have not gotten over is turning off lights. Really, I ask them 100 times a day to turn off their bedroom lights, bathroom lights, pantry light, and closet lights. Will this stage pass too? Is it just me who is having to hound her kiddos about the “lights”? I honestly feel like a broken record at times. Should I start charging a nickel for each offense? I have been making them come in from outside or get up from a movie to help to motivate them to TURN OFF THE LIGHTS but it has not worked yet. I think I need to up the ante! What suggestion do you all have?

Help a sista out!!!


~ by pennymaxwell on June 21, 2008.

5 Responses to “Is It Just Me?”

  1. How ’bout adding it to their chore charts? This has been my tactic in the past. If it’s required for them to get their full allowance, it might light a fire under their hineys! (Of course, if they’re anything like mine, they haven’t earned a dime in months …)

  2. Well, Kiara is always telling ME to turn off the lights, water, etc….lol! Maybe she should come over and give lessons!

  3. Well, I’m a teacher so I love it when I can help parents make connections between school and home. Sharing your electric bill with your children would be an excellent opportunity to teach them why you are making your requests. Show them the bar graph on your bill that indicates how much electricity your household is using and then challenge them to lower the usage. Get the kids involved in ways to conserve energy. Look for kid friendly movies and books about conserving energy and alternate energy sources. Involve your children in researching the idea of changing all the light bulbs in the house to fluorescent bulbs that use less energy. You could also challenge your children to spot areas where energy is not being conserved outside your home, like at other peoples homes, stores, and other areas in your neighborhood. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your children will start correcting themselves and each other when they realize the importance of conserving energy.

  4. Worms are better than hooks! Hard to catch fish with hooks and kids with punishments. What would it be worth to you if they all did turn there lights off for a week and really watched over the project?? Maybe Dairy Queen if they all do well, which would have them looking to keep their siplings lights off too.

    Always beware you may get what you wish for but don’t get caught leaving one on yourself! Ohhhh…

  5. Andre still has to tell me to turn the lights off and I’m 27!

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