Yep, I Let Him Have It!!!!!!



Ok so I am at the pool with the kids and this man and his son were throwing a Nerf football. The lifeguard asked them to stop throwing the ball because the pool was too crowded. The man, who was about 35 or so, began to yell at the sweet teenage girl who asked him to stop. He was so rude to her and told her he was NOT going to stop. I was thinking what a terrible example he was for his kid at that moment. He disagreed with authority and was showing his kid how to disrespect someone who was in a position of authority. It made me sad to see this man acting like such an idiot over a dumb football. I immediately wondered how off his life growing up must have been but that is a whole nother blog!


Well anyway, since the “father” decided he was going to ignore what the lifeguard was saying, another teenage lifeguard came over. He also asked the man to stop for the same reasons as the other one did (the pool was VERY crowded and it was a logical request). So the man not only began to yell at this teenager too but he actually hopped out of the pool and got ready to bump him in the chest with his chest. I could see that the teenager was scared and intimidated by the loud man so I just could not take it any more, yep I let him have it!


In a most irritated voice I pointed to the man’s son and told the man what a horrible example he was being for his son and he was not being a good father at the moment. I also told him he was out of control and needed to pick on someone his own size. Then I told him that it did not matter how old the lifeguards are they were in charge at that moment. The lifeguards were the authority at the pool and their age had nothing to do with it at all. We were to respect them and obey the rules while there.  I said to him that I am sure that you want your son to grow up and obey the authorities in his life, right?  You see right now he is taking his cues from you, poolside. Is that what you want for him, to act like you?


Just then another onlooker scolded the father as well. He chimed in and said the same things I did! But honestly people, I am a defender of the underdog. I do not like scenarios like I witnessed at all. Those poor teenagers were petrified and that man knew that he would have that effect on them because of his age and also because he was so hostile. So I decided to come to their defense (as an older person and someone who could open up a can back on him). So yep, I let him know he was out of line, way out of line.


I think the other reason my mother hen came out was because one of the teenagers at the pool guarding us that day was a teenager at our church. Don’t mess with a mother hen. You will never win!!


~ by pennymaxwell on June 17, 2008.

7 Responses to “Yep, I Let Him Have It!!!!!!”

  1. Just wanted to say “Thank You!” for being a great mother hen. Not only for your children, but for the church. (and the lifeguards)

  2. How did the man respond to your observation?

  3. April, he just could not believe that he had to put the ball away. He said other people have things they are playing with and did not have to put them away but what he was not getting is that no matter how soft the ball was that he was throwing it was big. If it hit a little baby it would hurt no matter how “soft” the Nerf ball is simply because of its size. He just did not want to let go of his stance. He felt like he was being unfairly treated.

    Oh ya the lifeguards thanked me for coming to their aide too. I told those teens that no matter their age that when I stepped foot in the pool they became my authority. They were so sweet and thankful! I would do it all again. Hey, I hope that man reads my blog! 🙂

  4. You go girl…Jesus stood up for the underdogs..Why shouldn’t we..?

  5. Way to go Pastor P! I think more people should stand up to “bullies” and maybe it would not be so rampant these days. Has the man not learned yet that life isn’t always fair and sometimes you just don’t get to throw the ball? LOL!

  6. YES! that makes me feel good to know that age really doesn’t matter!!! I used to lifeguard and it is hard to tell adults to stop doing things. I’ve been in many many situations where my age has been questioned…Even though you were standing up for that one person really you stood up for us all…so thanks for standing up for all the younger people in the church/world.

  7. You go Girl!

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