Breaking Barriers 4

Yesterday we talked about having the right people with you. Let’s continue this discussion and add to it a twist:

Do you have enough “above the line” or “below the line” people?

Here is a rough definition of what I mean:

Above the line: this is primarily a person who draws people to the church.
Below the line: this is primarily a person who builds structure to sustain those in church.

Above the line leaders are generally a charismatic student pastor, a dynamic worship pastor, or a gifted communicator.

Below the line leaders might include a systematic student pastor (building structure and relationships), a small group leader, a finance person, or an administrator.

(The role doesn’t necessarily determine if it is above or below the line as much as the person in the role. A senior pastor can draw people with anointed preaching—above the line. Or he might be an average speaker who relationally holds the church together—below the line.)

  • With too many above the line people, your church will have a big front door and big back door.
  • With too many below the line people, your church will have a small front door and small back door.

A growing organization will see the need for both, those who drive the growth and those who help sustain it.

Are you primarily a below the line or above the line leader? Is your ministry out of balance in one way?

(All of you silent readers, please join the conversation. We can’t learn from you unless you contribute!)


~ by pennymaxwell on June 11, 2008.

3 Responses to “Breaking Barriers 4”

  1. I’m definitely “below the line”, “behind the scenes”.

    That wording is funny to me because at school we use “below the line”/”above the line” for behavior management… :o) interesting.

    I like your recent posts prepping us to get ready for the growth – they’ve been good ‘get ya thinkin” posts.

  2. Hey lady, good stuff. I like the definitions. If I have learned anything over the last 2.5 years, it’s that the TEAM makes the DREAM. There is no one man that can accomplish what it takes to plant a healthy church. The question I have is…do you have to HIRE these people in the beginning or just wait until they show up? Cause they ain’t here yet 🙂

  3. Nathan, what I have noticed is that the “raw” talent is there but you might have to go in and cut the diamond, polish the diamond, and then help the diamond see how sparkly and beautiful it is. It is not often that the diamond is just there in the ground with all that glitz. It often times requires someone who with and eye to see the potential while it is still covered with dirt.

    Troy and I hire people after a period of testing and seeing them handle conflict. You see where people are at not when things are easy but when a big conflict arrises. We make sure to hire people after time and after testing. We do that because we have make a mistake on that in the past and holefully we dont repeat that mistake again.

    So Nath, they might be there already but in packaging you dont quite yet notice until you mine them out of the dirt first.

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