Breaking Barriers 3

One of my friends, Sam Chand, has a series of books affectionately called the “Ladder Series.” One of my favorites is called, “Who’s Holding Your Ladder?” In it, he describes the limitations we put on our own leadership when we have the wrong people around us.

One of the greatest barriers to growth is having the wrong people in leadership (paid or volunteer).

  • The person who leads your kids ministry of 20 may not have the gifts to lead your kids’ ministry of 200.
  • Your worship leader may be effective for your 400-person church, but not if you’re ministering to 1200.
  • Your finance person may be able to manage $100,000 a year but not $1,000,000.

It may be time to make a change.

(This doesn’t mean these people aren’t committed believers. It doesn’t mean they aren’t great. They deserve honor, love, and respect. But if they are a barrier to reaching more people, you may prayerfully have to make a transition.)

I’ve found that the unwillingness to make these hard decisions is one of the most common problems in leadership.

Which do you want more? To break through the barrier and lead many more to Christ? Or to “not rock the boat” and continue like this forever?


~ by pennymaxwell on June 10, 2008.

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