The Shrinking Pastor is Back!

Okay, I know I have not updated much on the Shrinking Pastor lately. Partly because I have been held out for a couple weeks at the same weight and partly because it just seems like old news to me. But alas some of my faithful blog readers inquiring minds want to know. So here you go!

How much weight have I lost? 60 lbs (over a 6 month period)

Are all of the PCOS symptoms gone? Most of them have now gone but not all of them.

How much weight am I trying to lose? I am not trying to hit a target weight I am trying to be healthy, whatever weight that is. When I got married I weighed 126 lbs and to be honest trying to hit that is a little out there so trying to “get back to something” is just not where I am at at all. (plus I am 36 and not 20)

Have I altered my diet? Yes. I eat protein, veges and fruits and really have cut out bread/processed carbs almost completely. I eat very few sweets too which is a HUGE change. I love organic, whole foods but in order to get the whole sweet tooth thing under control I have caved in to 10 calorie, sugar-free popcicles almost nightly for my dessert. I HATE unnatural things but it is the lesser of two evils for me right now. Oh well! Plus I love cold things as my staff knows. I even freeze my water bottles too. I just like it that way.

How much do I exercise? At first I did a lot and lost a good chunk of weight but now I really don’t exercise as much as I should. Humm, maybe that is why I have stayed put around the weight! Okay, it is back to the gym for me!

Have I bought the skinny jeans yet? No way, still too much junk in the trunk! One day, maybe? If you don’t know what skinny jeans are look at the pic at the top.

What does Troy think? Really, he is glad I am glad but it never really mattered to him about the weight. He did have a hard time with some of the other symptoms but not the weight part of it.

Am I going to put up new pics of me? Yes! I just have to take some more. I will do it though because my pic does not look like me anymore. I noticed that the pic we have of Makeda on our web page does not look like her either. We both are getting new pics–soon!

Any other questions I failed to answer for you? Let me know so I can post them!


~ by pennymaxwell on June 8, 2008.

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