I Got Falsies!

Oh a friend of mine got me to try some falsies! They are so fun. Now let me explain what I mean by falsies just in case your mind went another direction. I got the Mac counter to put some fake eyelashes on me. I would have NEVER tried it except for a friend of mine did it and I thought she looked great. I knew I was going to a big conference that night so I tried it too! I liked it!

Now I came home and tried it two times and quit them because it was just too much drama for me. But then another friend took me back to the Mac counter and told me to try again, I guess she did an intervention. I was a bit embarrassed because I just felt that I could not do it! Now this second friend is a make-up artist so of course she knows how to do them and has for many years but I just thought they were for people who had more patience than I have. (And who don’t have three kids following them around in the morning).

Anyhow, just so you know I have been practicing and I finally got it down! Wahoo! It is really fun messing with them. It is also fun seeing them laying on the counter looking like something I need to call the Orkin man for! Scary!

So for those of you who have very short eyelashes like me, hey give it a try! You just might like them! I will help you put them on too! Hey maybe we can start a new ministry at FHC! Ha ha!


~ by pennymaxwell on June 6, 2008.

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