I Cannot Wait!!

I went to a conference a few weeks ago of about 1200 women on the West Coast. It was great to hear the many speakers and to see all of those women worshiping God together. The conference was very well put together and I especially enjoyed seeing the excellence behind it all. If you know me you know that I believe in excellence in everything that we do.

All of those things were great but those were not the thing I loved most about the conference. I loved watching the mother and daughter who hosted the conference (who are my friends) team up on stage and just have fun together as they emceed the event. The mother is 50 and the daughter is 25. They had such a blast together and it made me so excited for the years ahead to have my daughters beside me hosting women from all over the globe. I cannot wait for that. I can actually see it!

I know a few weeks ago my daughter, Cabell, got to come up on stage and share about mothers for Mother’s Day. She came alive! It was so funny to watch her! She is usually a bit shy but she actually grabbed the mic out of my hand in one of the services and took over. It was quite hysterical! Look out Cassidy!


~ by pennymaxwell on June 6, 2008.

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