“The Talk”

I have already had “the talk” with Colby. It happened when he was eight years old. Most of the Christian materials that I have read on family suggest that age eight is the age you need to have “the talk” with your children. My daughter, Cabell, recently had “the talk” as well. She is nearly nine and I knew the time had come.

Cabell did really well. To be honest I was not sure how she would respond. My son had always been an inquisitive child and very mature. Cabell is not that way. She is not inquisitive nor do things hold her attention like they seem to with Colby. She just is very child-like and I really like that about her. Her innocence and sweetness are precious to me. So, how was she going to receive this information?

Cabell did great! She only wrinkled up her nose twice! We actually devised a plan with pictures to help her learn. Now, before you think I showed my kid pornography; no I didn’t, you can relax. We showed her pictures of newborns and then worked our way backwards. We showed her pics of babies enutero at all of the different weeks and then Troy and I each held pictures that related to moms and dads. Yep I held up a picture of an egg, you get the rest I am sure. We showed the different parts and then how all of those made beautiful babies.

Anyway, I say all of that to say this. I was very impressed with her and with Troy and I too. We all made it! It was actually great that we got to be the ones to tell her about such an amazing God who is so creative! Unfortunately most of us learned by others than our parents and that is not the way God intended for things to be. It is our responsibility as parents to explain God’s plan and purpose to our children, not for it to be their friend’s jobs or hear it on the bus. They won’t hear the correct perspective then.

Two down, one to go!


~ by pennymaxwell on May 31, 2008.

4 Responses to ““The Talk””

  1. that is so precious and awesome of ya’ll!

  2. I am getting the funniest emails about post from my blog friends who are too chicken to post a comment! You guys are cracking me up! Stop being so chicken, people need to hear your funny stuff! Ha ha! I am loving it ya chickens! Bawk bawk!

  3. Wow….got a script handy we could follow?? haha ..

  4. What talk??? What are you talking about……..lol j/k

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