Jumping to Conclusions!

Ok, I know I am not alone here because people have been fessing up to doing the same thing. It is called jumping to conclusions. Why do we all do it? Well let me give you an example. A couple weeks ago a friend of mine sent me an email. Well I did not respond to the email because it had inadvertently gotten placed in my junk mail folder. Sometimes that happens at our office, stuff just ends up in junk mail for no apparent reason. Anyhow, I try to periodically go through the junk folder for situations just like that one but two weeks had gone by. When I did see her sweet email I quickly replied and told her what had happened. She admitted that she thought maybe I was ignoring her, mad at her, or something of that nature. I wasn’t any of those things I just did not see the email. And truthfully even if I do see an email I might not always respond simply because of a time crunch. Last time I logged on my email I had 175 in my in box. So for that reason I tend not to respond to every single thing because I would spend my day doing nothing else.

So do I do this too? Heck ya! There was a couple who I had not see at church for two weeks and I thought they had left the church. Nope, just on vacation. I let my mind go at times too. I think if we are honest we will admit that we all do it. I have heard it called having a “hyper-sensitive radar”. Guilty as charged!

Why do you think we let ourselves go down paths we shouldn’t sometimes? I have my opinion but I want to hear yours. Hey, if you are real brave you can give an example, too! Go for it!


~ by pennymaxwell on May 18, 2008.

6 Responses to “Jumping to Conclusions!”

  1. I think sometimes we jump to conclusions based on our past experiences. Sometimes it is because of our own insecurities. We may think someone hasn’t called back, emailed, etc because we think they are mad or we have done something. I know I’ve had this happen and I start “replaying” in my mind the last conversation with the person to see if maybe I said something wrong. Unfortunately, I think many of us do this and we would save ourselves a TON of stress if we didn’t jump so soon.

  2. Okay so I totally have an example. I text messaged someone this and they never responded back and b/c of the nature of the text I thought they were upset with me. Well, come to find out they weren’t mad at all—they washed their cell in the washer this weekend and never received my text. So, I had myself all worked up for no reason at all because I jumped to conclusions. Good Times!

  3. Wow….do I ever do this!!! As women I believe we do this WAY more than the guys….This is definately a place the enemy can have a field day with…For example when Carlos and I first came to FHC we ,or should I say I was convinced that you guys just did not like us…for the silliest reasons…and the next message Troy preached on was offense ….wow..I got it…get over yourself …I was coming back even if you tried to throw us out because we WERE learning soooo much…now since reading both of your blogs i feel I know you both better as people and I understand you more…if I would have been offended and hurt I would have missed out on sooo much growth and a wonderful Church to call home.

  4. ” some times my insecurities bump into your insecurities..” author unknown

  5. One word – fear. When you ask most people why they assume things, you will always hear these three words, “I was afraid…”
    “GOD has not given us the spirit of fear, but of POWER and of LOVE and of a SOUND MIND…” I repeat that over and over again when the enemy tries to get to me!!!

  6. Roddie, you are so funny! I love having my words come back to haunt me! Ha ha! My kids do it to me all of the time!

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