I Don’t Like Women!!!!

This weekend 10 friends of mine, who are all women, went with me to Atlanta to a women’s conference. We talked about how for so long women have not liked other women. We all admitted that we did not always like women because women can be caddy, superficial, gossips, insecure and the like. Did I mention emotional? Anyway, we also realized that because of insecurity many women found their identity in men and not in the Lord which makes sense because if men were the prize, then other women were the competition. Maybe that is why women have a hard time really going deep and trusting other women without fear.

Well all of that may be what the devil tries to do to divide and conquer but let me tell you this. The women of Freedom House are doing something to change this! We all were so open and honest (and if you are too you will say the same thing even though it is not politically correct to say that as a woman you don’t like other women, you know you have felt that way too, we all have). We had so many heart-to- hearts. We stayed up late. We loved on each other. We were open to the point of tears. We broke open and even though it was painful at times it was so refreshing to know that other women can pour out their hearts and feel safe, completely safe.

This weekend never ended. We are still talking to each other, getting closer and going even deeper. I have never known relationships like this, this deep and this real. I don’t think we would have ever gotten this deep if we didn’t admit that we all didn’t like other women. The truth really does set you FREE!

P.S. I think we all changed our minds too!


~ by pennymaxwell on May 16, 2008.

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