The 30% Rule!

I learned today that 30% of the people who meet you don’t like you. That stinks! I am the type of person who loves people and wants to be loved back so does that mean that right out of the gate 30% of the people who meet me wont like me? Yep. It means they won’t like you either.


How does this statistic make you view situations you face at the office, school, church, or in your neighborhood?



~ by pennymaxwell on May 14, 2008.

12 Responses to “The 30% Rule!”

  1. Wow, how sad…and my self esteem just hit a new all time low! I thought everyone liked me…Oh well.

  2. I actually felt more free because then I dont need to try so hard when it would not matter anyhow! I think we all want everyone to like us but it is not going to happen and if we realize that then maybe it won’t bother us as much if they don’t.

  3. I think for me, if I think that someone doesn’t like me I try all the harder to try to convince them that they do. I guess now I know that there is a real possibility that not everyone out there will like me, which is, of course,reality since I don’t like everyone out there….but I think you always hope that people will like you…don’t you think?

  4. I wonder if that is a first time judgment percentage. I say that because a lot of people I first meet don’t necessarily tickle my fancy but after I get to know them I like them. Maybe first impressions are 30%?

  5. Where did you hear this from?

  6. We learned that in our classes at the Rivendate Center this week. Honestly it didn’t puzzle me. It made sense to me. I will ask them some more info about that statistic so it helps all of you to process it more. Since I was in the class it is not as hard for me to process. I will get back at ya with more info!

  7. Ya Troy but some people whom you meet at first that do tickle your fancy you might not be tickeled by later either. It works both ways, but in either case I called the teacher of the class that we took so I can get more info on it for you inquiring minds out there.

    lwayswright, we do all want people to like us, it is our human nature but we need to be ok if they don’t and that is where I want to be. Not saying I have totally arrived at that yet, but I want to work towards it. If HE approves of me that should be enough.

  8. How does that statistic make me feel….relieved. I mean if we are honest with ourselves there are people we don’t like. But what is the definition of ‘like’ anyway. Does it mean if I say I ‘like’ you I have to call you up every week and say lets go hang out. If I don’t like you does that give me the right to give you the look, not care for you, or even be concerned about your spiritual walk? There are people at work I would not go to grab coffee with, but we still get the job done together. If Christians would stop trying to please everyone and have everyone like them, we would probably get more done for the Kingdom instead of grumbling about how I can’t go somewhere or be a part of a ministry team because I don’t like that person or because they don’t like me. So yeah, I am relieved now we can put the masks down, get REAL and get to work. Don’t misunderstand I am not saying it is okay to continue to have a wrong attitude, if that is the reason, you are not liked but at the same time I am not going to keep changing myself to please everyone. I am secure enough of who I am IN Christ, that I can still love someone without ‘liking’ them….whatever ‘like’ means anyway.

  9. I probably don’t like 30% of the people I meet! What I meant to say is, I “agape love” everyone, but they don’t have to be my best friend. Some of my closest friends have told me that they didn’t like me until we got to know each other. There’s truth to not judging a book by it’s cover!

  10. Ya, I agree with the 30% statistic as well. I also think that if this alarming fact rocks one’s boat then it might be time to start asking why they care so much about why people like them or not. Ya, everyone likes to be liked but it should never be our oxygen or lifeline. God loves us 100% right–and I am learning to accept that love which helps me love others whether they like me or not 🙂

  11. I think that sounds like a fair percentage. Unfortunately the law of “stereotypes” probably causes a large part of this number. People are all so different and since we are all flawed in our hummanness, there will always be something about us people will not like, But as you said Penny, as long as HE approves of us, that is all we need to be concerned about. And HE doesn’t just like me, HE loves me beyond anything I could ever even begin to comprehend!

  12. I think too many people worry too much about what other people think of them. If you are confident in yourself and who God wants you to be, He will put the right people in your life. People who will love you just because you’re you! People who won’t judge you on first-time encounters or from things they’ve already heard about you. These are the people we need to be concerned about. These are the people I want in my life.

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