I Snuck Up On It!

Ok so many of you have been hearing my robin story but now I have the pictures to prove it! I snuck up on the bird so I could take a picture. Boy, this bird does not quit! It has become quite funny to my family and visiting guests. Can you see it banging into the window? I caught it midstream! I am so proud of myself!

What should I name this bird? I would love to hear all of your suggestions. I think if it is going to stay around we should name it. Most creative name wins, let’s hear them! Let them rip!

(you can click on the pics to see it better)


~ by pennymaxwell on May 7, 2008.

9 Responses to “I Snuck Up On It!”

  1. Kiara suggests you name the bird Bumper (because it bumps the window).

  2. Pastor Penny,
    After thinking about this and reading about the robin for the past few weeks, I have gathered all the information I need. I believe I have the perfect creative name for the robin. The name is: “Whisper”.

  3. My name would be Noggin’ Robin!

  4. BTW, did you notice all of the bird poop on my beautiful planer? Yes that would be the white streaks down the side of the pot!

  5. How about “Stupid”!

  6. How about “Doe Doe Bird”

  7. LOL

    Please help Stupid by putting that cover over the glass so he can stop attacking “the other bird” and get to primping to attract his mate. Then again, do we really want to multiply that gene pool? Knock yourself out Stupid!

  8. Alex agrees with PT!!!! You’d think he’d have learned by now!

  9. I still say it should be Noggin’ Robin so you can sing the tune to Rockin’ Robin when you see him. Tweet!!!

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