The Big Lie

Today my youngest daughter came running to me as soon as she got home and asked to speak with me “in private”. I immediately knew something was off. She began to tell me about her day at school and how she told this girl to run into the boys bathroom but when the girl got in trouble for it and told on Cassidy (yes it was her for those of you who might not have a clue), she denied it.


Cassidy told me this story with her eyes full of tears and with a heavy conscience. She was horrified that she had lied to her teacher and she was feeling so terrible about it. The whole bus ride home she was in anguish at having done this.


I informed Cassidy that she was going to have to call her teacher and tell her that she had lied. She cried even harder. She was so embarrassed and did not want her teacher to think less of her. Funny thing is that it actually had the opposite affect. Her teacher told her how proud of her she was and said in 25 years of teaching she had never had a student call and confess like that and then ask for forgiveness.


After Cassidy finished on the phone I talked to her teacher and she told me the same things she told Cassidy but then added a little something else. She told me that she had known Cassidy was lying all along because of her facial expressions.


How many times do we try to hide things from people because we do not want them to see our “shortcomings” but they already knew the whole time? We aren’t as good at hiding as we think we are. Maybe we all should get a little better at confessing so we can have allies instead of making enemies. Cassidy made an ally today.


~ by pennymaxwell on May 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Big Lie”

  1. Between this blog and the idol blog, this was some really great stuff Penny! I love the challenges you and Pastor throw out here for us!
    I hate that we make it so hard for ourselves!

  2. It’s moments like these that also let you know you are doing a good job as a parent! I can imagine that bus ride home was torture for her and she had to confess IMMEDIATELY! Thanks for sharing this story.

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