Marriage Is Work Pt. 2

No, there’s nothing wrong. Marriage is work and it only works when people are willing to roll up their sleeves and give it their best. If you want to succeed in marriage, you need to begin with a big dream in your heart for what you want to accomplish. Make sure it’s realistic, but don’t let it be too small. God is the God of big dreams. Then, once you have a big dream and some high expectations, commit yourself to working hard and sacrificing for as long as necessary to see your dreams come true. This also includes praying hard for God’s blessings and assistance.

Big dreams and hard work are the magic ingredients that create great marriages. Do you have a high expectations and a big dream for your marriage? Have you given up and lowered your standards because of previous disappointments? Are you giving your marriage your best and understand the work ethic and sacrifice that is a part of every great marriage?

I want you to succeed in marriage. Don’t give up. Dream again and talk and pray with your spouse until you have the same vision for your future. As you do, commit to God and each other to give your marriage your best. Expect difficulty and hard work. They aren’t your enemies. They are the inevitable path we all must travel on the way to our dream marriages. There are no exceptions and no “perfect soul mate” utopias. Just the promise of happiness for any good hearted, hard working couple willing to sweat their way to the promised land.

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~ by pennymaxwell on April 29, 2008.

One Response to “Marriage Is Work Pt. 2”

  1. When talking to my children, and others younger in marriage than I am, I often tell them that marriage is a full-time job. If you work at it 40 hours a week, you may get a promotion or a reward for your labors. If you do not do your job every day, you take the chance of getting fired, or replaced. No one likes being taken for granted, or carrying all the weight of the relationship. You are partners on this journey, not 50-50, but 100% on all the time. There will be times when one of you is down, and if God is in your marriage, your partner will be able to hold you up….for a while. Don’t take a vacation from your marriage any longer than you have to. Just like a job, you lose touch, you fall behind, and you can be replaced. Marriage is not an easy ride, but one of rewards that are far more than just companionship. Knowing that you have a safe place to fall, someone to share in all you experience and someone who is your biggest cheerleader, is so worth working overtime. You get what you put into your marriage….sometimes with interest.

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