Marriage Is Work Pt. 1

Marriage Today with Jimmy and Karen Evans

This is some great marriage advice from Jimmy and Karen Evans. Enjoy and if you dare implement it too!

There is an interesting paradox about successful marriages. The first part of the paradox has to do with the fact that, according to research, the most successful couples are those with high expectations for their marriages. However, high expectations by themselves are a setup for disappointment and sure failure unless they are combined with a realistic assessment of the high price that will have to be paid to see your dreams come true.

This is the essence of the paradox — high expectations must be combined with a tough minded commitment to pay the price necessary to see them come true. It’s no different than having a dream to own a successful business. The desire is wonderful as long as you expect to have to work hard and make some sacrifices. The same would be true of one’s desire to have a body that is in great shape. The desire must be combined with a commitment to eat right and exercise, otherwise it will never happen.

Somehow, we understand the connection between high expectations and hard work in every area of life except for marriage. So many couples enter into marriage with high expectations but without the understanding that it will take hard work and time to get there. In fact, some people are convinced that if you have to work too hard in marriage, there must be something wrong.

This will be continued tomorrow!


~ by pennymaxwell on April 28, 2008.

One Response to “Marriage Is Work Pt. 1”

  1. So true –
    That is exactly why when I teach and consult – I do not necessarily define success for someone. Their success can be defined in any way they want or need. What I help with is getting to that success. And this is so indicative of that path. All things start with that deep desire to accomplish – a great marriage is no different…

    Great stuff Penny


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