You Made The Switch!

Well last week there was standing room only in the 10 am service. What a great problem to have! So we put out the challenge and asked people to try out the 8:30 am service. Well if looking at the 8:30 am crowd today is any indication, you did it! You made the switch! Funny thing is the other two services were pretty full too. I love seeing all of the new faces! Looks like we are having another growth spurt. I love seeing people who were far from God coming to know Him more. I also love seeing those who already knew Him connect with the vision at FHC and find a home. Welcome!

So if you haven’t tried the 8:30 service, try it. If you love the 8:30 am service then keep on loving it. We still have a bit more room in there before we max out so keep on coming to that service. And, like I said today, you will beat everyone else to the Sunday buffet. You can be first in line!

What service do you come to and why? If you are an out of towner feel free to chime in on what service you go to at your church at why you picked that one. I would love to hear.


~ by pennymaxwell on April 27, 2008.

4 Responses to “You Made The Switch!”

  1. That is so awesome about maxing out the 10 am service! You’re right, that’s a great “problem” to have. I always preferred the 10 am service because then I felt like I could see more people. Like, I could hopefully catch some people leaving the 8:30 and chat with them, then I could see people during the 10 am, then when I was leaving I could chat with all the people arriving for the 11:30. The goal is to see as many people as possible 🙂 BUT I am very proud of the people that switched to 8:30 to make room for the more morning-challenged. Way to go! God sees your sacrifice! I love you Penny, your blog always makes me smile 🙂

  2. We go to the 8:30 service, then have breakfast, read the Sunday paper and take a nap from 1-4pm. We work 6 days a week at our business, so we literally observe God’s day of rest by napping. The early service works for us so that we can give God Praise for all He has done for us that week and all He will do, and then go home and rest. It works for us.

  3. We attend the 10a service to take advantage of at least two days out of the week–Saturday and Sunday–when we do not have to rush to wake, dress and feed ourselves and our 4- and 2-year-old boys to get out the door and be somewhere on time.

  4. Hi all! I was one of the new ones at the 10am service. My husband (Dave) and son, (Joshua) and I came for the first time. Thank you for making room for us newbies!! I really enjoyed myself and have been looking for a church that believes in the Baptism of the H.S. Everyone was very friendly and I loved being greeted at the door and shown around. It really does make a differnce. I felt very welcomed! See you all tomorrow! Be blessed!!

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