I Like This Family!!!!

Troy and I had the incredible opportunity to meet Joel and Victoria Osteen and their family. I have to tell you it was an amazing experience that I want to tell you about.


I have heard Joel criticized before for things like being too soft and not being confronting enough. I have heard people say he waters down the Word because he does not go deep on his TV show but stays more simplistic. I have also heard people criticize him for not being tough enough on a Larry King Live interview he did.


Let me share with you what I was around. I was around the most humble man I think I have ever met in my life. He and his wife were totally in love with each other. His kids loved on him and revered him. His mother and his sister were just as warm and welcoming too. He talked about his father and his passing away and he began to cry like a baby. He was very close with his father. And oh yeah, did I mention that in the 20,000 seat auditorium that night maybe 6000 to 8000 people gave their hearts to the Lord?


Joel knows his call. It is a call to encourage people. The shows we see on TV are all about getting people saved and encouraging them to walk with God. There are plenty of “deep” preachers out there. Why not let it be ok to have someone who simply communicates that Jesus loves you to non-believers? I don’t get it. Why criticize someone who is a total family man that loves his family and is getting thousands upon thousands of people saved? So he is not your style, well turn the channel but I tell you I would be afraid to criticize a man who has lead an exemplary life that is leading thousands of people to Jesus.


I could get on a soap box about this but I won’t. Just do me a favor, if you have something to say against Joel Osteen, don’t do it in my presence. I am thankful for pastors who truly love their sheep. I will always support them and pray for them. You should too.



~ by pennymaxwell on April 24, 2008.

One Response to “I Like This Family!!!!”

  1. Thank you for this post! One of my sister’s is one of those “I don’t like Joel” kind of people and she refers to one of those interviews you mentioned. I’ve never quite known how to respond to her on this issue, but know I know EXACTLY what to say!

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