A Message From Colby’s Heart

Hi everybody this is Colby. I could not go to sleep tonight. I was looking at Giorgie’s picture. I tried to go to bed but I couldn’t. Then I came downstairs. I went to my mommy and we talked about Giorgie. I started crying in front of her. Every night I have been crying because of Giorgie. My mommy didn’t know that but tonight I came downstairs and now she knows. I think in a long time it will go away.


My mommy thought it would help me to read the comments that everybody left about Giogrie on her blog. I felt happy that you cared. After we read the blog I started to write this. We also told stories about him and we kept imagining him beside us. I think about his toenails clicking on the floor too and how that sound is gone.


I think that is all I have to say. Oh and thank you.



~ by pennymaxwell on April 17, 2008.

11 Responses to “A Message From Colby’s Heart”

  1. Colby,

    Sometimes missing someone is the best thing you can do. This means you will never forget them. I know its hard at first, but in time we only remember the good stuff. That is what we tend to share with everyone. The stories of times together. The happy memories. Chin up bud, we are all here for you all.

  2. Colby, I think of you everyday as my dog clicks on the floor. I am so sorry you are having to go through this. I know God will use this to help make you grow and be strong. Maybe you could work on being strong for your sisters and it will help you get even stronger in the process. I can’t say I know how you feel because I have never lost a dog but I can imagine how hard it is. I’m still praying for you and I hope that with some more time it will get easier to enjoy thinking of him and not hurt as bad.
    We love you!!

  3. Hey Buddy,
    I lost my poodle Suzette when I was a boy. I still think about her sometimes. She was a great dog and great companion. You will always remember Giorgie, but I pray God will take away the pain that you feel when you think of your little friend.

  4. Hi, Colby. I’m sorry about Georgie and what happened. I hope your memories of him make you happy and not sad so that you feel better soon. I’m your friend and if you need me for anything, I’m here for you. Love, your friend, Nathan.

  5. Thanks everybody.

  6. Hi I am Cabell. I miss Girogie too. I cried when we heard the bad news. I really miss him so much, deep down in my heart. I still think about good memories.

    Me and Colby went through this together. I am doing fine now. When I read Colby’s blog I just remembered Giorgie again too. He was the best dog ever. I still do think that I hear his toenails on the ground. I wish that he would stay happy up in heaven. God bless you all who are reading this.

    Love Cabell Maxwell (Colby’s sister)

  7. Duby and Cabell, It will be ok. I am sorry you are sad.
    Love, Brayden

  8. Colby and Cabell,

    There are tears in my eyes as I type this–of sadness because you’re hurting, and of gladness because so much love is all around you. God has promised us if we mourn, we’ll be comforted; so in time the ache in your heart will subside.

    You’re going to be just fine.

    Love The Williams Family (Hollis, Nikki, Jadon & Caleb)

  9. Colby, Thanks for pouring your heart. Every thing will be ok. You’ve already accomplished the first step and that is telling everyone how you feel. We are so proud of you. Hang in there and remember you have many people who love you!

    The Khan Family

  10. Colby, I am so sorry you ae hurting, but in time it will get better, and after that you will have sweet memories. It is ok to cry and grieve now. God will be your comforter. We love you…

    The Toledo family

  11. I love you so much Colby, Cabell, and Cass. I am so sorry that you are sad. Thank you for sharing your hearts.

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