Share A “With-hold”

Have you ever thought something amazing about someone and kept it just at that, a thought? I have. I do it all of the time. I am working on not just thinking those amazing thoughts but trying to communicate them often to the people I think them about. Sometimes it can really make someone’s day to let them know how awesome you think they are. So here is a “with-hold” for me; the other day my husband was preaching and I thought to myself, wow, not only is he a preaching machine but he is so darn hot too! Man did he look so good in those jeans! So instead of just thinking about how awesome he is and keeping it to myself, I told him after church how great his message was and how cute he looked. It made him smile (and blush a little too). I think I might have even gotten extra hugs too!

Now don’t get me wrong, there are the other kind of “with-holds” too that need to be shared at times, you know the not so fun ones, the ones that will come up again later if you dont discuss it.  I try to communicate those too so the mole hill does not grow into a mountain from me not discussing something that bothered me. It only gets worse when that happens. But, if you sandwich it in between two nice with-holds I think it will make it easier to share. You know, give some sugar with the vinegar so it tastes better. Dont fuss about the dirty underwear on the floor and how much it bothered you until you can remember two good with-holds too to sandwich it between!

So what have you been with-holding from someone?


~ by pennymaxwell on April 11, 2008.

4 Responses to “Share A “With-hold””

  1. Sometimes I think we withhold from our children. We don’t want them to start thinking they are SO good… they just might rebel, but then I learned that rules minus a relationship is what causes rebellion. At night I pray with them “God knows you have a good heart, now let it line up with obedience to mom!”.

  2. I love the “2 good with-holds and the underwear” idea!!!! But, it really is so true. It ties right in with your message and the trash can lid…how you say it, the attitude, and then give some encouraging words…what a difference that can make!!! I hate that our flesh always looks at the negatives. There are so many positive things about people, we’d have plenty of 2 with-holds per each conflict, I want to make it a major effort to name off positive things about people when I come in contact with them rather than focusing on a negative.
    Thank you so much P.Penny for all your daily food for thoughts. I’ve learned and grown so much on all the yummy stuff you throw out!!!!
    Hope you’re enjoying ya’lls spring break!
    How are the kids doing concerning Giorgie?
    Love you!!!!!

  3. You are always an encouragement to us. We love and appreciate you!

  4. Awwh…You guys are just too cute :} !

    Thats such a great message! Just think if everyone in the world would practice this, this so simple, but oh so hard thing to do. It would just tear down the negative mindsets that people have and allow greatness to pour out!…I dont think the enemy would know what to do!

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