How Are We Doing Today?

Well yesterday was pretty rough for all of us. Today things are better but we are still in the grieving process. You know, many people have asked us if we are going to get another dog and really I think trying to divert my kid’s pain would not serve them well. They are learning part of life and that is what grief looks like. Grief is something you have to go through not try to cover with something else. It is a healthy process when we allow ourselves the right to be humans and hurt.


My son has continued to carry around the blanket that Giorgie was wrapped in when he died. He held it all day yesterday and today he has put it in his bed to sleep with. We also snipped a piece of his fur off to keep and the kids saved his collar too. These things help them to remember what a great dog he was and that it is ok to be sad that he is gone.


The kids went to school today and actually talked about what had happened with their teachers at school and their friends. I think it is helping them to be able to talk about it. I too talked to my co-workers about the pain that I was in. Not just because I loved Giorgie (because I did for 15 years), but also because I was watching my kids cry themselves to sleep and as a mom it was pretty hard to watch. Troy (Mr. Macho) got teary-eyed when Giorgie passed too. It was just rough. Thank God for each new day as the pain lessens but the memories don’t.


I think now I will just have to get past seeing things that remind me of that little, white fur ball without crying. I think I am going to keep his food bowls out for a few more weeks. I just cannot put them up yet.


~ by pennymaxwell on April 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “How Are We Doing Today?”

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is difficult- we know, but Joy does come in the morning. It just makes me think about the verses that speak of God’s care of the birds and other animals and how much more he loves us. He will carry you, the kids and even Macho Troy through this tough time (I cried when our dog died too). See you Sunday.

  2. I have never owned a dog, but I do know loss. Sorry to hear, and all the best. Kiss your babies often…this will mature them in their own little way.

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