I Could Not Stop Laughing Over This!

First of all let me say that names and specifics have been omitted to protect the innocent! But I have to tell you how funny this was. Oh yeah, and don’t be trying to figure out who it is, I am not going to tell you!

Not long ago I stopped by a friend’s home. When I arrived their little girl answered the door. She began to tell me that her and her siblings were playing down stairs. I asked her if her mother was home and she said that she was but that she could not interrupt her and her daddy because they were taking a “fifteen minute nap”. She explained to me that under no circumstances were the kids to interrupt their parent’s “fifteen minute nap”. To make sure that the kids did not interrupt, her parents had given her an egg-timer set for fifteen minutes. When it went off they would be up from their “nap”! She showed me that they still had six minutes left in their “nap”!

I laughed my head off the whole way home!  Humm, maybe because it was so funny and maybe because I had not thought of the egg-timer thing before, who knows! Troy and I have laughed about this over and over. It was just so darn funny to us!


If you have an egg-timer it could have been you! Hope your fifteen minute nap was a good one! Ha!



Tell me your funny stories!


~ by pennymaxwell on March 29, 2008.

3 Responses to “I Could Not Stop Laughing Over This!”

  1. Oh my goodness! That is hilarious! I will be passing that thought along to all my married friends with children.

  2. This was so funny! Never again will I look at an egg timer as just another common household item. Me and my boys use it for taking turns on the trampoline…I like this idea much better. HA!

  3. This is very funny! What an obedient child! The parents mustbe grateful (hee, hee)
    Thanks for this: it made me laugh and I needed some laughter.
    PS I have moved my blog/web site and I am now on wordpress, too. I like it here.
    Visit when you can and all the best in home and ministry.

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