Egg On Your Face?

Have you ever had egg on your face? I mean you felt really stupid after something you did or maybe even something you thought. Well today a friend of mine shared her egg story. It was pretty funny.

My friend, oh lets call her Suzzie, got a call from her child’s preschool. “We are so sorry to inform you but your son has been bitten very badly by another child”, the preschool director cited. “We just wanted to warn you so when you pick your child up you will be aware of the situation and the size of his wound. It is a pretty bad bite”, said the preschool director. The mother hung up the phone and thought about how horrible the little monster must have been to bite her child. On the drive to the preschool the mother actually became very mad thinking about what had happened to her child. She could not believe that some monster could have done that to her sweet child. Upon arriving at the school she was whisked away into another room and told that there had been a terrible mistake. Her child had not been bitten. The phone calls had gotten mixed up and she received the wrong one. Her child was the biter. The monster was hers! Ouch!!!!!

Have you ever done something like that?


~ by pennymaxwell on March 20, 2008.

One Response to “Egg On Your Face?”

  1. Thanks for coming by my site. We are doing great. I posted a couple of pics, but the format has been funny…don’t know why. My camera stopped working at the “Ya Mo” Idol festival last night…that stinkin tech devil! But my video camera is still working. Jacq rode around the villages with Sandy on the scooter yesterday and loved it. She was so impressed with Sandy speaking Thai to her neighbors and knowing everyone in the area. Hope Easter went great for yall. Love yas, John

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