Where Do Good Leaders Come From?

One of the most common questions most pastors/business leaders/ministry volunteers want to know is “How can I find really great leaders?”


Now, for those of you who do not know me or my husband personally, you must understand that one thing we love to do is to train leaders. We are passionate about it. So when I look at the above question, here is what comes to my mind. Don’t find good leaders, develop them.


When Jesus called the disciples he didn’t post on Monster.com or put up a “help wanted” sign.


Here is what Jesus did.

  1. He called those that nobody else wanted.
  2. He did not call one single person from a traditional religious establishment.
  3. He saw things in people that no one else could see.
  4. He challenged His disciples. He listened to them. He asked questions and He answered theirs.
  5. He took risks on His disciples. When they failed, He corrected them.
  6. After they were trained, even though they did not feel ready, He asked them to carry His message to the world.
  7. 2,000 years later, the Church continues to be a light in the darkness.


Jesus didn’t recruit leaders, He built them!!!!!


Are you building leaders?


~ by pennymaxwell on March 5, 2008.

3 Responses to “Where Do Good Leaders Come From?”

  1. I like this blog entry. You and PT are really good at seeing potential in people and loving them during the process of getting to a place where they see it themselves. You are great leaders and I love learning and growing under your leadership. Thank you for all you do.

  2. Great points.

  3. Our LDG discussed this subject tonight. Not for anything we did for him, Jesus chose 1) to give up His deity; 2) to be born fully man; 3) to endure our ignorance and arrogance; 4) to suffer physical, emotional and mental anguish for us; 5) to be killed by us; and 6) to endure separation from God in hell to get back authority we flippantly tossed away, all for hope we would willingly become the leaders we were always meant to be.

    Developing leaders is obviously not for the weak-hearted!

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