Save Your Breath And Just Read My Blog! :)

Ok, I am posting this so everyone does not have to ask each week how many lbs. I have lost and you can use your breath for other things. J I will try very hard to keep you updated on the whole “Shrinking Pastor” bit even though some of your whistling (aka cat calling) is a tad embarrassing! You know who you are! I still love you though! I have lost a total of 33 lbs so far, ok I said it-there! I am feeling fine and still have some hormone issues that are in process of working out; the doc said it just takes time. But, everything is in order so thanks for being caring and loving. You guys are the best! Really you are, even if you whistle loudly just to get a rise out of me.


Oh and to my friend in Florida, no I am not posting any pictures! Yeah, right! I still love you though, girl!



~ by pennymaxwell on March 5, 2008.

4 Responses to “Save Your Breath And Just Read My Blog! :)”

  1. Hi Penny, Came across your blog via Craig Groeschel. Love it. Blessings to you and yours!

  2. Here’s a big “honk honk – hey Hot Mama” from Generation Church – we love you!

  3. I want pics…i want pics…

  4. DuAnne, I loved your site but could not figure out how to post! Hopefully I can figure it out! Thanks for posting!

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