I Am Telling The Truth!!!!

Ok, some of you might believe me and some of you might not. Its ok, I have witnesses though!! My husband, as some of my faithful blog readers know, likes to do laundry. This week he went over the top though. I mean I was a little in shock. He decided he was going to reorganize the laundry room from top to bottom. He went to Lowes and returned with a bag full of stuff. Next thing I remember was he was in there drilling, hammering and shuffling around. An hour later he emerged and was so proud of the work he had accomplished. Well, that is not the crazy part. The crazy part is we had some friends come over to our house later that day and he was so excited to take them on a “tour” of his new laundry room!!!! I am telling the truth!! He was so excited about his new shelves and his ironing board rack and he wanted everyone to see them! They asked me if it was a joke and I had to tell them in fact it was not. He is very proud of his laundry room and all of his new baskets and storage units. He is also proud of his new rack that he installed so all of the “hang dry” clothes we have can do exactly that.


Folks, that is just freaky to me. That is all I got to say! (Disclaimer: I am not complaining though!!!!!!!!!!!)


~ by pennymaxwell on March 3, 2008.

4 Responses to “I Am Telling The Truth!!!!”

  1. {cue inspirational melody} It is my hope for the men of the congregation as they continue to dwell beneath the covering of our pastor, that his spirit will be transferred to them all in this area.

    {melody swells} AND THEN THEY WILL GO FORTH with diligence, determination and detergent into their respective laundry rooms in the Spirit of Troy!

    {melody ends} Amen.

  2. I think that is great…I love orgaznization in the house…I know that feeling of accomplishment. I enjoy doing laundry, and also keeping our house clean and orgaznize. I hope I am not a freak…..ha! ha!

  3. I do have something to say about this. If I didn’t do the laundry…it would be in piles around the house. My wifes idea of folding is what I call the “cinnamon roll”. The laundry room needed some help. We had piles of magazines, etc…everywhere. Plus, when I do laundry my wife gives me lots of TLC if you get my drift. It’s very attractive (she says) as I fold the t-shirts and hang up the pants. So, guys if you want more TLC (this blog is PG) then get in there and hit the spin cycle….!

  4. I second Nikki’s comment. PT, please lay hands on Derwin next time you see him, and pass on the Spirit of Laundry to him.

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