Friendships with the Pastor Pt 4

Pastor Craig’s heart continues to shine through as he shares what it is like to be a pastor and the questions he often asks himself. Feel free to plug your name in there too.

 Is It Worth It?

If you’ve been in ministry for more than a year, I’m guessing you’ve been hurt badly. Because churches are full of people, the potential for hurt feelings and misunderstandings couldn’t be higher. Add to the mix church committees, boards, salary discussions, moral failures, church splits, or theological debates, and the odds of pain increase infinitely.

I’ll tell you honestly that Amy and I have hurt so deeply that we’ve wanted to leave ministry more than once. We’ve cried more private tears than anyone will ever know. We’ve battled bitterness, anger, resentment, and loneliness.

We often asked, “Is it even worth opening up to those who will likely hurt and reject us?” If you are wondering if it is worth risking more relational hurt again, I’d reply with an emphatic yes.

Here are some reasons:

  • If you don’t build intimate friendships with other couples, your marriage will suffer.
  • If you don’t build intimate relationships, your effectiveness as a minister will be limited.
  • If you don’t share your life with other believers, your relationship with Christ will be challenged.
  • If you don’t learn to forgive, you’ll never effectively preach and minister the forgiveness of Christ.

Like Jesus who went back to love Peter after Peter denied Him three times, WE HAVE TO GO BACK AND LOVE GOD’S PEOPLE AGAIN. We are called to love and that means we must be open. If we aren’t growing in intimacy with other Christ-followers, we are in trouble.


~ by pennymaxwell on February 24, 2008.

4 Responses to “Friendships with the Pastor Pt 4”

  1. That is so good. I would like to add that having an intimate relationship with others starts with truly having an intimate relationship with Christ. When you take on Christ’s nature you will feel what He felt. If He can do, so can we. He will never put on us more than we can handle. Pain will come, but it doesn’t have to defeat us. It will help us grow stronger into fulfilling God’s will and plan for our lives. How awesome is that?

  2. Years before Gene Edwards became an international best selling Christian author he pastored a small church in rural Texas. Gene was very young at the time and a recent seminary graduate with stars in his eyes. Just before taking on his new assignment a wise man took aside his new bride and and gave her the following advice.
    ” Helen.” he said. “Every Sunday afternoon, Gene is going to come home and want to resign. Just make sure,” he continued, “that when he does….it’s in front of the cows.”

    In other words….it’s ok to quit. Just make sure no one else is around. Thanks to all you pastors out there. You are doing more than you realize.

  3. When my husband and I were pastoring, it always seemed like the people we loved the most would hurt us. We would become particularly fond of them and invariably they would be the ones to leave. Looking back I can understand that some times the reasons they left were legitimate ( and some times not.) Probably we often had our oun adgenda and wanted them to stay in order to make us look good. But one thing was for sure that every time some of these people that we loved so much would leave when they did God would always sent us some one better. But whatever the case we found how we responded was paramount. Walking in love no matter the “wrongs done”was the smartest thing we ever did.

  4. What Roddie said is true walking in love no matter what is the right thing to do because people are always going to let you down as long as we learn to keep our eyes on Jesus walk in love and not let satan drag us down with the thoughts that he puts in our head somethings happens because its in the Lords will for our lives Im thankful for all the times i was let down its made me stronger for it. I was part of Roddies church I love her dearly i grew alot under her ministry im thankful for the time the Lord left her with us

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