Oh Stop, Ok Continue!

Ok, today at church you guys made me feel so special and so embarrassed all at the same time! I am guessing I will need to remember that outfit and wear it often because everyone was making such a fuss about that outfit and the weight loss. How cute you all are! (As I sit at the computer eating cheese puffs, darn! Does it count if they are organic? Maybe? Ok, I am putting them away!) Anyway, thanks for noticing even though it is a bit embarrassing. I appreciate it. You guys are so darn sweet. I still really am shocked at the response of that outfit. Maybe I will wear it when Troy comes back? I will let you know if he likes it as much as everyone else! Ha ha!

Oh by the way, the shirt came from the church Resource Store if you want to check out some other items over there. We even have girls clothes too!


~ by pennymaxwell on February 18, 2008.

9 Responses to “Oh Stop, Ok Continue!”

  1. No need to be embarrased…hard work deserves praise, right? Keep up the hard work and you’ll be in those “skinny” jeans before
    you know it!! Although, as we all have said, you are beautiful just the way you are!! But, for your health…if you decide you want to live to 120…..hahaha
    what’s this about a resource store? Is it like a thrift store? And, can we donate?

  2. Hey Joyce! We are actually working on a album right now full of original songs from FHC. Many of our musicians will be one there, and yes they include April and Andre. As for the ReSource Store, it is the name of what we are going to call our bookstore so rather than saying the table in the corner of church I was trying to sound all professional about it but really it is the table with product on it at church. We have tons of cute clothing on there and that is where I got my shirt that I wore on Sunday. Sorry that I was so unclear!

  3. Yes you are looking really hot!!! Please skip the deatails if PT likes the outfit 😛

  4. I 2nd Jalaeh’s comment!!!

  5. Pastor Penny, keep up the good work you really look good.

  6. working on an album right now…..so that I don’t keep asking…
    how much longer? hahaha

  7. Humm, Joyce ask Pastor Andre because I am not too sure. I just hear them planning. He could tell you better. Now Andre has done maybe 4 albums already. Do you have all of them?

  8. i have 2 of them, they were the only 2 on the table. I wasn’t rushing or anything, I just love the praise and worship, they are a great group of musicians!!!
    sorry, I don’t know how this got off the subject of just how good you’re looking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just in case no ones told you lately!!!!!

  9. For those not in NC…how bout some pics???? Come on..rock a before/after photo! So excited about your success..mucho love, Lisa

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