Mommy Can Hold Her Own!

Today the kids decided to test their mother. I think they wanted to see if I was a pushover since their father has been gone. Guess what, they found out I am not! What better way to test mommy than to act out in Target, the Super one at that. Just more isles of craziness to deal with! Usually we open like five bags of snacks, yes the organic ones, and continue along with our shopping adventures. Yeah, but today, not so much. It didn’t work. The snacks got eaten but the chitlins were not obeying their dear mommy. So I had to remind them of some scriptures in Proverbs and then enact Proverbs when we got home, if ya know what I mean.

Let’s just say that they will never again do that in Target again (wink, wink). They all apologized and life in the Maxwell house is back on track.  

So do you remember a time when one of your kids decided to act out at an inopportune time? Oh do tell, make me feel normal again! Ha ha!


~ by pennymaxwell on February 16, 2008.

8 Responses to “Mommy Can Hold Her Own!”

  1. Back up a second, WHERE is the Super Target??? I haven’t seen one of those since we left Tulsa!

  2. oh yeah! my son, when he was two decided to throw the items out of the cart while we were shopping. i gave him too many chances, swatted his little behind, turned the corner just in time to see an ex co-worker from Social Service (i used to be a social worker). Ugghh! As if i needed more pressure, i smiled, asked her if she heard the commotion my wonderful son was making, she hadn’t. We continued through the store, putting everything back on the shelves and went straight to the car for the real “reinforcement”. He still remembers that lesson and he’s now almost 8.

  3. Well I don’t have any children because I am not married.But I do work with kids and oh do I have stories.One that I distinctively remeber is I am at the library of all the places.The lil boy I work with is autistic but he can control himself and he knows not to get in his lil brothers face.Everytime before going in we have a talk about we must be quiet and be on our best behaviour and he says okay Jenny.Well not this time we are in this super long line waiting to check out some books when sure enough he gets in his lil bros face.His lil bro starts screaming stop it stop it and crying. Now everyone is looking at me in the library with books in my hands grabbing the lil bro up into my arms and telling the boy to stop what he is doing.Does he listen no.So I have to juggle controlling books in my hands, a lil boy screaming in a library and the brother making a ton of noises.It was so embartessing when we got to the car he knew he was in trouble and I talked to him and he said he was sorry.So now when we go to the library he knows he must be quiet.So I fully understand what you went through but I love kids so thats the joy of either having them as your own or in my case watching them while mommy and daddy are out.

  4. Thanks for making me feel normal ladies! Mindy, the Super Target is off 85 N (from your house anyhow) just after you pass Concord Mill on the left. Come up and we’ll have coffee!

  5. When Brooke was 3 we were in Eckerd and she wanted a lip gloss and I said no. After I paid for my items and we were out in the parking lot, I noticed that she had STOLEN the lipgloss anyway and had it in her pocket! I walked her back into the store and walked up to the counter and told the cashier what had happened and then I said “Brooke, tell the lady that you’re sorry and give her back the lip gloss”. Brooke said “NO!” It ended about 5 minutes later when I practically had to wrestle her to the floor and pry it out of her hand. She would not let go! All this in front of a line of customers. I was so embarrassed. And so began her love of makeup 🙂

  6. Too many acting out stories to tell! Afterall, my babies are 3 and 2 years old! They now enjoy being left at home while mommy shops in peace. But yes, “Proverbs Re-enactments” work wonders.

  7. I would love to meet for coffee…but I’m going to have to have way more specific directions…possibly a little map. 😉

  8. To Mindy…you can see it right off the highway. Coming from Charlotte area, it’s on the left hand side of the highway with a big sign 🙂

    Just last Monday it was Kiara’s birthday (9th) and she wanted to go to Friday’s for her birthday dinner. She doesn’t particularly care for the place, but she loves the “worms in dirt” dessert they have. So…we get there and it takes about 10 minutes for out waitress to come take our order. Olivia had just turned two the day before and as those of you w/kids know, when you go out to eat with a 2 yr old, you are on a very limited time schedule. We finally place our order at about the time a large group of about 15 men come in and sit at the tables all around us. Olivia proceeds to want to get out of her seat and so I finally take her out (after a few minutes of her screaming). Well, she doesn’t want to be held, she wants DOWN! This isn’t happening so she proceeds to scream for the next 10 minutes SOLID. Of course all these men are throwing looks my way. The waitress finally comes over and says that it will be a few more minutes for our food and I tell her that we will need it to go (for the obvious reasons). I ask her to add on the dessert for Kiara since that is what she really wanted anyway. It takes almost another 10 minutes to get the food! We leave and of course the moment we get in the car, Olivia stops crying!!! Little rascal that she is! And to make it all complete….we get home and there is no dessert in the bag. Needless to say, Kiara was very disappointed. The next day though Kiara says “mom, in Planet Zion on Sunday we learned about forgiveness, so I forgive Olivia for ruining my birthday dinner.” That one comment sure taught ME a lesson!

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