Trader Joe’s In Charlotte

Can I just say I love Trader Joe’s? Well I do. If you have not been there then you need to go and try it out. It has so many inexpensive, healthy food choices. I literally think I am going to have to set up a bed at that darn store because I am there so much. I just love going there to find some healthy food to feed my family and my friends because I love to have people over to eat. Now I do not have to drive to EarthFare all of the time. Finally, a health food option for the University City area! It is about time.

So, I want to hear what your favorite item to buy from there is. I have not tried everything so I need your help to know what is a must buy. I think you should buy the Orange Chicken. It comes frozen and is actually their best seller in the store. So, what do you want me to buy? Let me know!


~ by pennymaxwell on February 9, 2008.

8 Responses to “Trader Joe’s In Charlotte”

  1. Well it’s hard to limit it to just one thing so I will name a few: I love the brown rice that you can buy in the frozen section 3 min. and it is cooked to perfection! I love the potstickers (also in the frozen section). I love the turkey bacon yumm!! Good stuff!

  2. April told me about the potstickers, and I saw them last week but I’d forgotten to add them to my menu! I’ll do it next time.

    I love their variety of chips–their flaxseed tortilla chips are good, and so are their baked pita chips. Their fresh salsa is really tasty too. And they have good cereal. Oh, and their peanut butter granola bars are yummy (I had to stop buying them because I was getting out of control!)

    I’ve used their tomato sauce starter to make my famous Hearty Tomato Soup, and I love it!

    I love TJs too!

  3. If you drink soy milk, their store brand is great, plain and chocolate.
    Their brand of coffee is good too!
    If you’ve never had Ezekiel bread, you’ve gotta try it. I prefer it toasted.

  4. The chef in the family (yes that would be me) would say try the soup that is in the cardboard containers (favorite is the roasted tomato)…there eggs, milk, and cereral are also cheaper than any grocery store (even aldi)….we are at Trader Joes at least twice a week….

  5. first time commenting, but love your blog (lynn redfern’s friend, sharon), anyway… we love TJ’s also for the raw almonds, bits and pieces dried fruit, Joe’s O’s, TJ brand rice milk (taste the same as Rice DReam), organic apples and pears and bananas, crumbled goat cheese, Cat cookies, potstickers, LAVA cake (you have to try this!!!), pop tarts, granola cereal.. and the overall atmosphere with the pit stop and find the duck game for the kids! the only store that my kids actually don’t get bored and cause trouble while we are shopping! Yahoo for TJ’s!

  6. Never been…but I’ll be there this weekend and can’t wait to try all these suggestions!

  7. I finally went this past Friday. It is smaller than I thought it’d be and I couldn’t find many of the items mentioned here. Any Trader Joe veterans want to give me a tour of the place? Point out some favorites?

  8. I finally made it there last week. Kiara and I both LOVED the Chicken Empanadas! Anything that I can find for a 9 year old to love is awesome in my book! They were only $3 something a box and just the right amount for the three of us (Olivia doesn’t eat much). Those with some rice…DELICIOUS!

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