No We Aren’t Going To Do That

People come to us all of the time with good ideas. Let me just say that sometimes the enemy of great is good. Let me give you an example. We have had people who come to us and want to start a food ministry or a clothing ministry at our church. Just because we recognize there is a need or admire something another church is doing does not mean that we are supposed to do it. As a church we recognize what we do really well and we stick to it. If we tried to do EVERY good thing then we would spread our staff and volunteers too thin, zap our energy and that would inhibit us from doing those things in which we feel called to do. Moses even realized that trying to do everything was not the right fit for him either. He wanted to counsel people but realized that it took all of his time and he was being ineffective as a leader because of it. His father-in-law helped him to get his focus back in check. See, counseling the people was not a bad thing but he was called to lead the people. He could not do both and it was spreading him too thin. Great churches say no to many worthwhile things in order to stay focused on the main thing God has called them to. They define their mission and stick to it. So, do we still help feed or clothe people? Yes we do but we invest by means of finances into other worthwhile ministries who feel it is their call to focus on that and that alone. We sow financially into other areas so we can be of impact but it does not need to be our idea or us inventing the wheel. The wheel has already been invented and we want to keep it spinning by getting behind some other great ministries and organizations. This really frees us to stay focused and it frees them to be able to continue to do what they do by having another church that gets behind their vision. I will end by quoting a friend of mine, “A good idea is not always a God idea”.


~ by pennymaxwell on January 31, 2008.

2 Responses to “No We Aren’t Going To Do That”

  1. What I always find very interesting is someone will have an idea, but then they don’t want to lead the idea. They expect the staff or church leaders to plan, organize, and ‘work’ the great idea while they take credit for the ‘good’ idea. An instructor told me once that if you are not going to be part of the solution then stop complaining….the same concept can be applied here. Also, if we are the church, meaning each individual than why do I need the 4-wall church (so to speak) to do something as simple as helping someone in need. Get a group of people together and volunteer or give at an organization that already exist. If the help center doesn’t exist than create it. A good idea can be a God idea, but maybe the next question you should ask is did He call you to lead it. I am embracing everyday that FHC is its name…FREEDOM HOUSE. I want FHC to stay focused on setting people FREE of bondages and then I, the church within me, can now take the next step .…GO and Worship, Disciple, Evangelize, and grow Healthier Relationships.

  2. Nicely said Disa!

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