The Shrinking Staff

Ok, maybe that should be my new title instead of The Shrinking Pastor. What is with all the Freedom House staff shrinking away to nothing? I mean one lady lost 44 pounds and is looking so darn hot (don’t worry Makeda I won’t tell them it is you). I mean she looks like a hot momma. Then we have another lady who lost like 35 and is looking fantastic and tiny (Tracie it will be our little secret). Next we have our resident cheerleader who is toned and fit, cheering us all on (April we must get you pom poms).Then the rest of the staff is hitting the gym, doing their cardio, playing racquetball and drinking their 8 glasses of agua per day. Hey they even got me one of those cute 8 glass cup water bottles too. That is a lot of water to drink. Does eating a pear count? I mean there is water in pears, right? How about an orange? Somebody tell me it does!

So I just want to give a shout out to my fellow co-workers and how proud of them I am for working so hard and being so healthy. The office frig is now filled with organic juice drinks, salads, hummus and fruit. You guys are so fun to get skinny with! Let’s keep on doing it!

I keep telling myself how much I love the gym! Will it just click one day? Someone please tell me it will! (and oh yeah I am down 19 and counting, I am trying to catch Makeda)


~ by pennymaxwell on January 29, 2008.

6 Responses to “The Shrinking Staff”

  1. Dr. Don Colbert and his wife Mary have been on Enjoying Everyday Life the past two days. Yesterday (or was it today?) anyway they were talking about the importance of drinking enough clean water (no substitutes) and he said the water in fruit DOES count.

  2. PP-
    Yes you guys all look amazing. LC and I noticed Makeeda on Sunday and commented, we also noticed that LG has lost a bunch as well. LC is also trying to lose a little and we are trying to eat healthier and watch the portions (I like large meals, so this is most difficult).
    Keep it up- think of it this way- if we all are alot skinnier in 09, we can buy smaller seats in the new building and fit in more people. So the theme should be “Lose weight and Further the Gospel”

    Have a great day!

  3. So glad a pear does count! In fact, according to Don Colbert, MD, all fruits and veggies count. Get this – a banana is 70% water, an apple 80%, tomatoes and watermelons more than 90%, and lettuce 95%.

  4. A little birdy told me Tracie has only lost 20 so far …


  5. TF since last year how many? I know it is a lot! You are looking good! I know it is more than 20 since you got on the Maker’s Diet, right? Regardless you look super!

  6. I lost 10 in 05, gained back 21 in 06, then lost another 20 in 07. So I’m back where I was in 05! Still have another 10 to go.

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