“Saving Britney Spears”

This was the title on MSN today as I logged onto the net, “Saving Britney Spears”. Can I just ask why we enjoy watching someone train wreck so much? I feel for her and pray she gets the help she needs. Why do we all want to be so involved with her life? Because we don’t have our own? You might say you don’t follow it at all but honestly somebody is because the press would stop running the poor stories of her if noone were buying their mags.

So what is the facination? Can someone expalin it to me? I really do want to know.


~ by pennymaxwell on January 23, 2008.

2 Responses to ““Saving Britney Spears””

  1. I think the fascination is rooted in jealousy mixed with America’s epidemic of self-hate. She’s young, beautiful, rich, influential and completely self-absorbed. Exactly the type of person most people like to see crash and burn. I personally began weeping for her after the very first Vegas marriage.

  2. I have cried in prayer for this lost young woman as well. Imagine your career has sky-rocketed at a young age, people around the world know your name. You think you are in love (never mind it’s with a man that walked out on his pregnant girlfriend and they had a previous child together) and you proceed to have two children in two years with this man. Your marriage falls apart…anybody would be devastaed. Now add 24/7 media coverage to the most trying time in your life and I think just about anybody would have a nervous breakdown. I have so much compassion for her and I pray she can finally get the help she needs and has a true encounter with the only ONE who can save her…Jesus!

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