Riding Coach

I sat in coach class watching as first class got “pre-take off” drinks. I was thirsty but got nothing. As I kept peering through the forbidden curtain I also watched the first class passengers get a basket of snacks offered to them. Not long after take off  the stewardess then came through yet again offering more drinks and  this time taking  orders for dinner.  I was hungry too but got nothing.  I kept watching the first class cabin and soon these little trays with accordion pleated napkins folded into cute glass goblets came and were placed before each passenger. What were they eating? I was so hungry I wanted to see what someone else was getting that I wasn’t. They had ribs, potatoes, salad, bread and some sort of dessert. Oh and did I mention they got hot towels to wash their hands with before they ate? Yep you guessed it, I got nothing.

Eventually my stewardess came through coach class and I got my food. It was pretzels and a plastic cup of water.  That was it.

Many times in life I see people in this same scenario. They sit in coach class and have their eyes fixed on the first class.  They wish they could switch seats and may even get bitter or frustrated because they have a different seat. Life is just not fair they think. There is one key piece that they do not understand. You see there is a price that had to be paid for that ticket and I did not pay the price for it, the first class passenger did. I wanted access to something but hadn’t paid a price for it. As a matter of fact, they probably paid 3x the price that I did.

Moral of the story? Next time you want to be Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Billy Graham or in anyone else’s seat on the plane, realize they paid a price that you and I didn’t. They are still paying it.


~ by pennymaxwell on January 23, 2008.

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