Shrinking Pastor Update

Ok you guys are so sweet to post things about the cute jeans not being a big deal and know that I think that is really nice of you to say. Troy could care less about that portion either. The symptoms that accompany PCOS are varied (and I have not talked about them much because they are girly in nature and many a man reads this blog, I wanted to spare them, if ya know what I mean. Feel free to do the homework on that by yourself if you are of the inquiring mind type) but the weight thing was only ONE aspect of it that bothered me. It was the biggest one for me. Troy did not care about that part and it really is great to be married to someone who really said over and over that they don’t care if I ever had the surgery. But, he is happy to see some of the other symptoms go (in Jesus name they are going as hormone levels return to normal). The mood stuff was quite a beast for him to handle although he did a great job. Can someone say PMS x 10!!! So, he is happy about that but the weight is not such a big deal to him.

Well remember when I told you guys that when the doc gave me meds a couple months ago that I lost like 15 lbs in the first week but had to stop them because it tore my stomach up? Well I am happy to say that after only 4 days of surgery I am down 6 lbs already. It is working. Less moodiness????? Well that is harder to gauge, jury is still out. I will have to get back to ya on that one after consulting with my staff and my hubby!!! It is ok, you can secretly ask them behind my back. J

I love you guys! You make pastoring so much fun!


~ by pennymaxwell on January 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “Shrinking Pastor Update”

  1. You are so incredible. You should know that.
    I just discovered your blog and decided to read from beginning to end to get caught up and I have learned just how incredible you are. Well, I always thought you were pretty neat, but you are truly incredible. :o)
    You are a beautiful woman – inside and out – and so incredible in so may ways. I’m blessed beyond belief to have you as my pastor. I admire you for being real – all the time – despite being a pastor/pastor’s wife.

  2. Ok Amanda, for that, you get TWO hugs on Sunday! Love you!

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