It’s about time!

Tomorrow morning, very early I might add, I leave for surgery. Yep that time has arrived. I will have to blog when I can but just know that I will be back blogging soon! Very soon!

So what is going through my mind?

1. Are the kids going to still eat veggies while I am out?

2. What limitations will my body have?

3. Are the PCOS symptoms really going to be gone? All of them?(Read previous blog under same subtitle for further explanation)

4. Has my doctor ever had any slip ups? (Just being honest, this has crossed my mind)

5. How thankful I am that Troy is so amazing to just hang with me until he knows I am feeling good.

6. How funny it is that my kids are telling everyone how “skinny” their mom is going to be. Let’s pray they are little prophets!

7. How awesome it is to have such great friends who have been calling and texting all day to check on me.

8. Have I remembered everything I was supposed to remember? Check.

9. Will I throw up? (Yep the medicine they gave me when I had the kids made me want to hurl! I did not like that feeling.)

10. How is my life going to change? (Aside from getting a pair of those cute jeans we talked about!)

Send me your shout outs.  I will be reading them bedside!!!


~ by pennymaxwell on January 15, 2008.

20 Responses to “It’s about time!”

  1. Pastor P…
    Vindra and I will be praying for you and your full recovery.
    We don’t doubt that God will answer Question 11…
    How Fearfully and wonderfully He has made you?
    Here a scripture to read from bed…Psalm 139:5-14
    God Is Good!!

  2. We have visited your church for the past 4 sundays, and are going to attend the IMPACT classes in Feb. We have some MAJOR issues happening in our house, and needed to find a church VERY FAST!! Well we found one! Anyway, my back ground is in nursing, and I am sure (no CONFIDENT) you will be fine. You and your family is in our prayers and POSITIVE thoughts, since my sig other is also having surgery on Tuesday (1/15/08) for her eye sight related to her diabetes.

  3. thinking about you…have a ton of questions…like how are you feeling?…praying for you…yeah, I hope the doctor has a good track record too! 🙂

  4. I pray that all goes well.

    As for me, I am preparing for a “doctor’s visit” myself: to give birth to our third baby.

    Women have so much to experience in this life, and God’s grace is sufficient for it all.

    Take care,
    Dana L.

  5. PP, Praying God’s safety and shalom over you today. Just wanted to tell you that you would still be beautiful even if you never lost another pound! I think being “skinny” is overratted, but hey, I’m a man. Being healthy yes…definately glad to hear that you won’t have to suffer with the horrible symptoms of PCOS anymore. We love you.

  6. Pastor Penny, I am praying for you and excited for you. MUCH LOVE!

  7. pastor p, you are the best! I love you so much and know that God has you right now in the palm of His hand. He is taking care of all the details, so you can just lay back, relax and enjoy the ride! We miss you and can’t wait to see you again…

  8. PP,
    Okay, to be TOTALLY girlfriend shallow…I wanna go shopping with you for your first big “size drop” jeans!!! How much fun would THAT be?!?! What a day to celebrate with you!

    I echo John’s sentiment (above) in that I think your sparkle spills out from the inside…and it’s absolutely STUNNING! But I’m glad you’re gonna be healthier…hormonal swings stink! 🙂 I’m happy for you that you’ll be free from the hassle.

    Love you muchly!

  9. It is so good to know that no matter what goes through our mind, God is in full control and you are going to do awesome! Paul and I will be praying for you as well as everyone else out there. I love you and have an awesome trip!!!!

  10. For some reason I am logged on as Paul??? Don’t know what that is about.

  11. Pastor P, I love knowing that God, being the Ultimate Physician, has anointed your doctors’ and nurses’ hands! They are anointed to do what they do for you. As you rest and recover, know that Pastor Troy is overseeing what you can’t see. Be at peace in knowing that the children are thinking of you and doing what they know “Mommy” would want them to do, as you are resting. Know that your friends and family (including everyone who loves you) is praying for you and with you for a speedy recovery! However, your “blessed assurance” is in knowing that even before you close your eyes, God’s eyes are on you, and the angels have gone before you and prepared the way! I love that God has placed you in my life, and what an exciting time this is…for God has covered every detail of this time…including the small thoughts/wishes in your heart, that may have never made it into words from your mouth. Yep, God heard those too, and He has already addressed them for you! Thank you for being the Woman of God that you are! Love you!!!!


  12. Hi Penny, I know there are alot of people out there praying for you and your family. Hopefully Pastor Troy will remember to give the kids their veggies so you wont have to worry about that… But there’s no need to worry at all. You are going to be just fine and whatever healing needs to be done will be done quickly and you will be as good as new. I believe that. Take care of yourself and be gentle with yourself too. Dont rush the process.
    God Bless, Sherry

  13. I wish you the best in recovery. After furthor review, you have been granted front row parking on Sunday. Just to keep the walking done to a minimum. See you soon

  14. Megan is keeping me updated and hopefully sending love from me to you. I love you so much and I think you are absolutely beautiful and wonderful and fabulous and I hope you feel better super fast.

  15. Hello, Pastor Penny~
    I just wanted to reiterate how much you are loved! 🙂 I’m praying for you and thinking of you…I saw Cabell and Cassidy today and couldn’t help but be reminded of how incredible He has blessed me to know you and your family.I’m so excited for your excitement about this process yet, regardless of the “new jeans” to come, I’ve always seen you as incredibly beautiful. may His hope be yours…

  16. Aw, PP! I love you so much, and I’m excited for you. You’ll be fine, the kids will be fine (PT seems like a pretty good dad!), so you just relax and recover.

  17. Hey Pastor P! I hope your recovery has been swift, and that you have not spent a moment having to worry about the tiny details. I’m sure you’ve trained your family well to function, if only briefly, without you. I peeked in your window last night and saw that Colby did eat some of his veggies, but threw most of them away. Just kidding! He fed ’em to Georgie. 😐

  18. Hey P.P. I’m sure by now you MUST be feeling phenomenal! Jonathan and I think about you guys a lot and pray for the church and you and P.T. as well. If you need some motivation, Jon and I will be running the Ukrops 10K in Richmond up Monument Ave. in April. So, as we are training we’ll be sideline cheerleaders for you as well!! Many blessings for 2008, may it be GREAT!!

  19. Just wondering how you are doing and if the surgery went well. We all know that you are such a bright spot in our lives and that no matter what, you will continue to shine as you can’t hide your light under a bushel…..Both Bob and I wish you well, now and always….

  20. Brie, how are you?! Hey make sure to tell me before you go to Ukrops so I can give you a list. I miss that place! I miss you guys too. It was so good to see you all. Just know that we think of you guys and pry for you a lot as well. I always look around and I am amazed aobut how a small team of people (who worked our butts off) launched FHC. It really blows me away. Thanks for your sacrifice and labor. You guys mean the world to us. We will never forget how hard you all worked to see this come to pass, never.

    Remember when Makeda and I were in a running phase? It was fun but my feet hurt a lot!

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