There They Are!

Ok, I just love the fact that the kids in my neighborhood love to play in our backyard. For Christmas my kids got a whopper of a play set. It has all of the bells and whistles on it and every kid has been over here to play on it. I just love having my house as the hang out because all I have to do is peek my head in the backyard to make sure all is well. I want all of the children to know that this home is kid-friendly and we enjoy having them around. My grocery bill has even gone up because of all of the snacks exiting through the back door!

No doubt when my kids are in high school I will have to have the hang out for them too. I guess we will have to have a home with a basement by then! 🙂 Maybe we will have to add on another wing when they are in college because Colby swears he is not going to go away to school and miss his parents “that bad”. I told him he might change his mind on that one.

Well, right now I am listening to all the sounds of children in the back yard, yep, there they are!!


~ by pennymaxwell on January 12, 2008.

One Response to “There They Are!”

  1. That is our goal too. In fact I’m in the middle of invites for Maci’s upcoming wii party. Being the hangout house isn’t the easiest road but I believe it has a great payoff. Not only will we know OUR kids better but also the kids ours are hanging with.

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