Am I Really About To Admit This?

Ok, I have been pressured by staff people to confess this certain thing because after all this web page is called Confessions of a Pastor’s Wife. I just bet you never thought you would have heard this confession though. It is very deep and profound so make sure you are in a deep place in order to be able to understand it.

Sometimes when I am walking to my car by myself I think of a game plan for what I would do if some creepy person tried to approach me. I had a vision of myself pretending to know Karate doing side kicks, assuming the Karate stance, and chopping with my hands while waving them back and forth. You also cannot forget all of the sound effects that come along with that either; the hi-yah and the wha, wha , wha sounds. Can you picture this? Ya I can too, that is why I am laughing! I pray I never have to Karate chop anyone!

Were you able to handle the deepness of that profound vision? Ok, so what crazy things cross your mind from time to time?


~ by pennymaxwell on January 10, 2008.

5 Responses to “Am I Really About To Admit This?”

  1. Just so everyone knows, I saw the kick and heard the sound effects, it was VERY scary 🙂

    Well, from time to time, I often wonder what I am going to do when my sons each have their first child. It gets pretty silly imaging life at that time cuz they’re only 2 and 4 years old!

    So much for the stereotypes and i am sure i lost a few cool points with that one.

    Transparency must be contagious…

  2. What do cows think about?

  3. Is that why when i got into the bed late last night that you punched me?

  4. No it is because you were snoring—-again! Can a sister get some sleep around here????? 🙂

  5. I guess I’m more like my husband than I thought. Because many times as I’m diapering my youngest or bathing my oldest I often think to myself “One day you’re going to make me a grandmother with that!”

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