Ouch! It hurts So Bad!

It hurts so badly! So why do we do it? Why do we wear four inch heels and push our foot into a pointed triangle called a shoe? Why do we want our feet to look so good that it blisters and aches in the name of fashion? Yes, I am guilty as charged. But seriously, every pair of shoes I try on that I totally love hurt my feet. Why don’t they make some big, bodacious clodhoppers that feel great when you put them on? Why do the cute shoes have to make me walk slow and methodical when I put them on, and yes, occasionally hunched over. Who is designing these shoes anyhow? What do they say, “Well let’s create the opposite shape of a woman’s foot and see how they feel when they put them on”? I mean think about it. Men do not have to do this. They wear flat, wide shoes with lots of cushioning in them. The only reason that I can come up with why fashion designers don’t make men wear heels is who wants to elongate a big, hairy leg with a pair of pumps. But seriously, some of us ladies in the winter—-I will stop right there. You know what I am talking about!!


So leave your comments and help me figure this thing out!



~ by pennymaxwell on January 4, 2008.

5 Responses to “Ouch! It hurts So Bad!”

  1. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Maybe it’s because I’m a man wearing loafers.

  2. because the cuteness of the shoe is always worth the pain and they wouldn’t look as cute if they were all round and squishy! LOL I feel your pain

  3. It’s called paying the price to look nice! No pain, no gain. this is what I tell my 7 yr old daughter when she’s in pain and I’m combing through knots in her hair, “don’t you want to look good?!” why do I get my eyebrows waxed and it hurts so bad like my face is going fall off? to look better. We just want the outside to match how awesome we are feeling on the inside with the joy of Jesus! But I can’t wear 4 inch heels, I’m 5’8″ and don’t like to be taller than my husband 🙂

  4. Let’s just admit the truth…too many men are designing women’s shoes. You know women design all the ugly comfortable shoes…like Nuetralizers and Borne’s. 😀 My cutest shoes recently are a pair of Guess platform leapord print shoes…so high I can barely walk. I keep telling my husband, “These are not walking shoes. Please slow down”. Next time, I’ll just wear some less cute shoes and slip those one once I get to sit down.

  5. Being the Goddesses that we are – shoe designers don’t expect us to be walking in their creations. They expect us to be carried, or driven or brought by 12 big burly men who are wearing clodhoppers comfortable shoes.

    Think about it – these designer shoes are designed for:

    Paris Hilton – doesn’t walk

    Brittany Spears – can’t walk

    Lindsay Lohan – she was able to walk because the jails were too crowded

    Madonna – she wears lingerie that counter balance the shoes

    Keira Knightly – she is so thin there is no evidence of weight in the shoes

    Halle Berry – I swear she floats on a cloud – as does Heidi Klum, Kate Blanchett and Charlize Theron

    And think about it! How long do we see them ACTUALLY WEARING THE SHOES? Oh yea – we see them on the red carpet and the galas- but I betcha there is some assistant somewhere in the wings carrying a bag of cozy slippers these famous divas slip into when the camera isn’t looking.

    Have you ever seen the photos captured by the paparazzi when these fashion icons are walking their babies, or coming out of Starbuck’s or Ben & Jerry’s? YOU GOT IT – they are wearing exactly what we are wearing – comfortable pants, sweatshirts, and……. Comfy shoes.

    Shoes should be thought of like dishes:

    Designer heels are like fine china – brought out for special occasions not used it very often, and need special care.

    “Normal people shoes” are like the good old family dishes that you let the dogs lick after the meal – the everyday dinnerware – comfortable, workable, microwavable.

    My bottom line – we weren’t mean to work the shoe – just wear it!

    Love Ya –

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