Dads that deliver!

Today my husband did the annual Christmas parties with the kids at their schools. I usually show up and help with the crafts, snacks, and games. This year Troy was going to just help with one kid’s party but decided he wanted to tackle them all. WOW!

At dinner our kids were going on and on about how cool all the kid’s at school thought their dad was. They all talked about how fun he is and how everyone said they really liked their dad. Honestly, the kids kept on going with it. They were very proud of their father and it showed!!!

Amazed, I asked Troy how he thought it went at school. He said it was fine, they just did crafts, games, and ate food. He said he had fun with the kids and he really enjoyed it. He also said that he thought that the reason the kids were so attentive to him is because he was the only father at any of the parties. It has kind of been the thing that just moms do. The children gravitated to him for that very reason, because he was there and he was a dad.

It made me realize how glad I am not only to have a husband who looks at things as not just for women, like doing kids parties, but a church as well that loves to see men involved in ministering to kids too. We have lots of men who serve in children’s ministry at our church and I am really glad because for some children, that is the only dad they will see each week. Just look how excited these kids got just to see Troy show up.

Kids are so thirsty for the men/father figures to give them attention and just to show up. I get so excited when I see men step up and model what it means to be a real man. My husband was a real man today when he had sprinkles and frosting on his pants and when he sat in a chair that was 5 times too small for him. He was a real man when he helped to decorate Frosty and when he labeled kid’s names on their take home ornaments.

What does your real man look like? Tea parties? Playing dolls? Watching the Wiggles? I would love to hear!


~ by pennymaxwell on December 19, 2007.

4 Responses to “Dads that deliver!”

  1. Penny, I want to say a BIG thank you to all the men that serve in the Children’s ministry at FHC. Especially in the Bug-A-Boos. I’m sure many men hesitate to serve in this classroom because it’s “just babies”. However, for Olivia, these are truly the ONLY father figures she knows and each week she gravitates to them. I am so thankful for these men of God. Even when I am volunteering, she will often choose to cuddle with the man in the room rather than me. This is what it means to be a real man and realize even if you don’t have your own children, you are still a “father” to these little ones!

  2. Karen, you said it all!!!! Thanks for sharing your heart. I pray some of them men see that and realize how big a part they play even if they think sometimes they are just “playing”.

  3. Penny, we have never met, but I am a fellow Sister in Christ and I happened across your blog tonight while waiting up for my, guess who…hubby! He works very long hours as a retail manager and he is so faithful and so incredibly helpful to me at home. I just love him and thank God for My Man. Like your husband, he doesn’t think certain jobs are “just for ladies.” My God, if he did, I would be a very tired and burntout lady! (In 4 weeks, I will have given birth to three children in 3 years and hubby and I have been married for less than 4 years!)

    I also thank God for women like you, who Stand by Their Man and proclaim all that is good about the mystery and beauty of a man and woman becoming one in marriage. Reading your blog tonight helped this sometimes lonely-lady-in-waiting-for-her-hubby-to-get-home LAUGH and SMILE. Thanks, Dana (visit my blog if you have the time

  4. Does Troy have a single twin? LOL!!! I can feel the love you have for each other and it makes me very happy for you! Even though my unequally yoked marriage didn’t last, the father of my two boys continues to be involved in their lives. Saved or unsaved, he is the most person to them. We still pray each night for Daddy AND his new wife.

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