Have a plan

I have been writing about life’s Pain Thresholds in previous posts. Here are a few more thoughts as I finish up on the subject. (I had a lot of info to cover so it took several blogs to get it all out. Make sure to read my previous entires to get it all in).  My husband has been teaching our staff about this so I wanted to share what we all have been learning in our leadership meetings.

No matter what God is leading you into, whether it is a life group or a company, it is all the same. You have to plan for the pain. As I have said before, whatever we endeavor to do will involve people and when people are involved, we will inevitably deal with pain. While the pain doesn’t go away, our response to the pain can get better. The key is to plan for your pain. If one of you is in pain, let the other lead for a season. If both of you are in pain, for example when a loved one passes away, have your staff step up. If you are feeling pain all the time, seek some professional help. It is ok to realize that something feels bigger than what you are able to handle. When you admit that, you are already half way to healing. God uses people to help people. So, go out and get professional help when you need it. Please do not ask for help from someone who is in the same ditch as you are in. You need someone standing on top of the edge who can reach down, grab your hand and help you out.


~ by pennymaxwell on December 12, 2007.

3 Responses to “Have a plan”

  1. I recently lost my step-father and the emotions that came with that loss have been overwhelming. At one point I realized 30 minutes had past by and I hadn’t done a single thing. I mean literally not moved. Well that was it for me; I decided to seek out a Christian counselor. You know a professional. He has a couch and all (LOL). The way I figure, if you are in the body of Christ your gift is a certain part of that body, i.e. arm, leg, etc… Since the Lord has Called each of us and gifted us in different areas to serve His people….I intend to use every part of my body. So I cried out and another member of the body stepped up. My days are more productive and I’m beginning to feel again. And I believe it is because I sought help and leaned on my brothers & sisters in Christ to help me through the pain.

  2. It could not be said any better, Disa. See the problem with Christians is that we try to “by faith” things away. Now don’t get me wrong, I believe in faith. The problem is that faith is sometimes the scapegoat for superficial living. We don’t get to the heart of issues because we supress them away while pretending to ‘faith” it away. You cannot fake when something is wrong. It will show up some way, some how, in our lives. There are always indicators when we supress things. God wants us to live totally free in Him.

  3. I am so happy for the Chic Chat group that you have started I did not realize that I was in pain, about not being connected,until we met that first time. What a wake up call that was for me. I look forward to the group meeting and hope that I can be an example for others and not just take from the group.
    As for dealing with my own pain, I have developed my own coping mechanism with God’s help. He has been faithful in healing my heart in the past and I draw on that, and on the reality that He brings me what I need when I need it. This group is a perfect example of His faithfulness.
    I have found a hand over and know that this group is a hand up. I really have missed that.
    I will be hoping that our first meeting back in January will be the first full week and not the week of the 3rd. We will be returning from Belize that week, and I will be very sad to miss our group, but anxious to get back in the routine of meeting with my fellow sister Christians.
    Mandisa encouraged me to see if I could get at least one class per semester, so I have inquired about that. I am so grateful for you all…..

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