Protect each other!

Understanding that each of us feels pain differently, and has different seasons of pain, it is important that spouses protect each other. If we understand when our spouse is in pain, we can step up and cover them. Sometimes Troy and I go through seasons where one of us takes a bigger hit than the other one. As I told you before, my husband is very strong, but there was a season when I had to carry the weight for him because he was down for the count. One Sunday morning I found myself standing at the pulpit with no message prepared knowing my husband had nearly fainted and was in the back room. (You guessed it, it was testimony Sunday! Ha!) At the time we did not realize what was happening, but later a doctor told us that this was stress induced. It took Troy almost a month to fully recover and I stepped up and held down the fort until he was able to come back strong. It was hard for me to see him like that, but I knew I needed to be strong for him, and for the other people who still needed a pastor. I deeply appreciate and love each and every person who stepped it up and was there for us during that time. We all worked as a team and God used that time to teach us about the importance of having a Sabbath. (I will talk about this day of rest another time.) We all need to protect each other when we are going through pain. By having the time and rest we need to work through our pain, we can become stronger and more able to handle pain in our lives. Troy needed to rest and I supported him by protecting him and allowing him that rest. He does the same thing for me. We have to protect each other when one of us is vulnerable.


~ by pennymaxwell on December 7, 2007.

One Response to “Protect each other!”

  1. Yes, I been in Pastor Troy’s situation with the panic attacks last year, before I move to Charlotte. The stress caught up with me, and it caught me unaware. It was a difficult time for me, but my husband, and my family were there for me.

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