He’s back!

My hubby is back! It was great to see him walk through the door. I held down the fort while he was gone, and funny thing is, the fam is all in bed and it seems like I have twice the work I did when he was gone. Go figure? I mean, there are size 10 shoes sitting in the hallway that need to be put away, luggage in the den, and miscellaneous books in the chair. Dishes are left on the salt and peppered countertops with traces of pizza bits on them. Keys, wallet, and receipts, are all laying on the island, and tubes of chapstick on the dresser. (Oh come on, Mr. Metro!) Funny how clean the house was not too long ago… You would think with one more adult around that it would be tidier, right??
Well, at least my feet won’t be cold tonight!! Snuggle time!


~ by pennymaxwell on November 19, 2007.

3 Responses to “He’s back!”

  1. I can relate. Whenever my husband is deployed my house is spotless, but when he comes back, and God knows I love him being back, it is back to working me like a Hebrew slave……

  2. Hey, my feet were hurting and I needed to get my shoes off. And just for the record. My wife would have it no other way than to have me nicely dressed!!!!

  3. Yes I do love my Metro man and I would have it no other way! You are right about that!! 🙂

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