Be careful what you ask for!

 Have you ever prayed really hard for something? I mean, have you gotten down on your knees and cried out the Lord asking to be used by Him only to end up thinking, “Did I really ask for this?” Be careful what you ask for. Anyone who will accomplish something big in this life, especially those who feel called to ministry, are going to pay a price for it. Spiritual warfare is real and when you step out in your calling the enemy cranks up the heat. Mark my words, it will cost you relationships, your personal comfort, and it will require a life of discipline.  In John Eldridge’s book, Waking the Dead, he cautions us that “to live in full ignorance of spiritual warfare is the most naïve and dangerous thing a person can do.” When we dive into God’s plan for our lives we have a proverbial bull’s-eye emblazoned on our backs. We are an automatic target for the enemy because he wants to squelch the work of the Holy Spirit. Eldridge goes on to picture spiritual warfare when we choose to allow ourselves to be used by the Lord to accomplish Kingdom business. He says, “It’s like skipping through the worst part of town, late at night waving your wallet above your head. It’s like walking into an al-Qaida training camp, wearing an ‘I love the United States’ T-shirt. It’s like swimming with great white sharks, dressed as a wounded sea lion and smeared with blood. And let me tell you something: you don’t escape spiritual warfare simply because you choose not to believe it exists or because you refuse to fight it.” So, is it worth the fight? Is the plan God has for your life worth the risk, the discomfort, and the persecution? If God has called you to something big, there will always be risk involved. That is what faith is about. Where you end, faith kicks in. In your calling you will inevitably come to a point where you must decide to face the obstacles or to turn back in fear. When we realize that He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world, we can have the courage to take the risk and pursue the higher calling. Don’t miss the promise because you think the price is too high!  Jesus faced great obstacles. I can’t even imagine the horrors of having nails pounded into my hands, but Jesus thought it was worth it. He thought you were worth it. I don’t know how it felt to carry the weight of sin on His shoulders, but I do know that Jesus chose to endure because He knew you and I were the promise. What has God called you to do? Is the journey too daunting, or will you choose to stare in the face of fear and “do it afraid?”  


~ by pennymaxwell on November 16, 2007.

5 Responses to “Be careful what you ask for!”

  1. oh so nice to see you out here. can wait to link you. 🙂

  2. Preach it Sista!!! The whole shark sea lion thing really hits hard. I was reading last night in Luke and I was thinking about how many times Jesus was put in situations that were very challenging. When the religious people came to him trying to trick him with their questions from “is it right to pay taxes to the Roman gvmt.” to “by whose authority do you come” and on and on. If Jesus had special assignments from the enemy to distract you better believe we will too, but He is with us to give us the strength to overcome those temptations. The thing that I have also been thinking about is how Jesus knew the details of what he was going to go through and He still did it because His life was meant to fulfill a purpose that God set out for Him. The only way He was able to do this was to keep His eyes on His Father the whole time. I am so grateful that he conceals things that we may not be able to handle from our eyes in our own lives. What He lets you see, you have the strength through Him to overcome if you keep your eyes fixed on Him. What you are asking to see that you have yet to, you may not be ready for. He teaches us how to perservere so that we may become mature and complete lacking nothing. This means going through hard things and relying on His strength and wisdom to refine and carry us through whatever it is we may be going through. This is what I am learning now. One day at a time living the life that my Father designed especially for me. He knows what I need, He knows what I am called to do, He has my life in His hands. He is teaching me what it looks like to daily take up my cross and follow Him by showing me some of His life in the Word. What a great example to follow!!!!

  3. I like how the Apostle Paul says in Rom 8…”in all these things we are MORE than conquerors through Him that loved us” What was the “things” he was speaking of?… Trouble, hardship, persecution, famine, exposure, danger, sword, death, demons, the present,the future, powers, height nor depth, and just to be thorough…”anything else in all creation.” We will never overcome on our own…only through Him and being secure in His love. Good post.

  4. Sometimes I feel like I am the great white shark seeing and smelling my own wounded, bloody self. I am just so tired of being my own worst enemy. Like in our LDG study, I am stepping out of the boat. However, as soon as my toes touch the water, I recognize that the winds that distract me are my own thoughts about myself. Something really struck me when you said where you end, faith kicks in. I think I’ve always been afraid of how quickly I will find my end, and have put God in a box not thinking He is big enough to make up the difference. I feel like spiritual warfare is going on in my head whether I step out or not. The battle between God challenging me to step out, and the enemy telling me not to because I’m sure to fall! If the battle is raging either way, I am facing the fear. But let there be no doubt, the way my heart is pounding in my chest at this moment, I am “doing it afraid!”

  5. Good stuff!

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